Aug 8, 2012

Get On Board

I had a chance encounter with a supporter and associate of the mayor, an influential man, accomplished by any measure. He asked me why I have to be so negative? He said that I should get on board with the arena, it's going to happen anyway. I suggested that perhaps some dissent is healthy for a community. Sure of his position, rather than consider my point, he proceeded that Allentown needed to be revitalized. Although I might agree with that, I don't see the arena doing it. Yesterday, in a Morning Call article about the arena, a hockey fan from down the line can't wait for the arena to open. Although that portends well for the arena owner, the Brooks Company, will this fan be spending money in town? Will he patronize a restaurant outside of the arena, either before or after the game? As our conversation proceeded, I learned that the gentleman was unfamiliar with this blog, and based his assessment of my negativity on a letter or two to the editor. I suppose that if he ever ventured here he would have saved his breath. I have not identified the mayor's associate, nor will I host comments speculating on his identity. My point is that although the administration faced no opposition from city council, or from the press editorially, they even resent a lone voice or two asking a few questions.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the answer to your questions is found in the receipts from Lights in the Parkway visitors. Does the local Arby's or McDonalds or nearby coffee shops see a sales increase from carloads of children needing to go to bed?

Anonymous said...


It is a sad testament to modern ignorance that otherwise intelligent people see"getting on board" as civic involvement and informed dissent as "negative".

Scott Armstrong

ironpigpen said...

What I would say to the obviously confused gentleman is this :

"Just because everyone ELSE is bound and determined to go off an unsustainable fiscal cliff does NOT mean that I, myself, am prepared to jump on any ill-fated bandwagon."

Governments have absolutely no business building Palaces of Sport, to speak nothing of record-smashing ones.


Anonymous said...

Let the arena come as many revitalization projects of allentowns past and present. I personally hope it brings something to allentowns financial defict as fir the current king and all his court jesters they will be abandining allentown after all money and assets are gone! Leaving allentowns tax base to pay the bill. Revenues are already accounted for and spent so allentown is bankrupt before the palace O sport?

Anonymous said...

Great story on the "haves" in Allentown vs the "havenots" on Seems like once King Edwin pried the Americus away from their former saviour Mark Mendelson, Allentown turns it's back on the new owner. "Not even the mayor could explain the NIZ". LOL.

AuH20 said...

A stretch perhaps, but millions 'got onboard' in Germany in the '30s.
Funny, isn't it that today's 'get on board' crowd are the same lefties who preached in the 60s about questioning authority.

Anonymous said...

There is an old saying a man with a breifcase will rob you before a man with a gun?
These are the people proping up allentowns plump mayor and his court jesters so they are the fall guys. These dummies are falling for it hook line and sinker?

Anonymous said...

Our leaders either know exactly what they are doing or are totally clueless. I have lost respect for many, especially the royal clown council who now reside within the den of thieves. It is a pity to see such ethical and moral indignities perpetuated in the name of economic development. As much as I dislike the idea there is a certain similarity to the thirties here in how blindly do many are following the ludicrous polices, rants, and raves of a politician with a failed past and deluded future perception of what he thinks is right for Allentown.

ironpigpen said...

Excellent point about the Hippies of the 60s who progressed liberally to become THE foulest disgrace of this new millenium.

So much for "Question Authority", etc.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The DUMMYRATS in the CITY NO SPENDING LIMITS deserve all the scorn and ridicule that comes their way.

And then some.

But, let's face facts, they will ALL get re-elected ... EASILY!

Got YOUR Phantoms season ticket package yet?

(I understand affordable financing is available to qualified applicants)


Anonymous said...

Is the Brown Mudhole downtown really going to be the money train they expect? The water and sewer funds obtained will dissapper just like so much revenue has been misappropreated already.

Like the three nutshell trick, the marbal is gone only in this case it will be the puck and allentowns revenues?

John P. Chapkovich said...

You know, all one has to do is look at track record when it comes to sports team projects.

The Iron Pigs are a good draw, I'll give you that. However, what about the surrounding area? I don't see any change there at all other than bigger for sale signs. Coca-cola park was a chance for the City to revitalize an almost clean slate of an area and draw people to a better section of town. Did they do that yet? They even had a chance that if they were able to develop this area property that they could have a better case for funding when it came to the American Parkway bridge to extend the revitalization further into the City. Coca-Cola park, the riverfront, then Center City. It would be kind of a reverse "blackhole" effect. (for those that don't remember, I am referencing the Mayor's plea to the Gaming board to get the casino license with the "blackhole" comment)

I see the same old area just with a nice ballpark with lots of fans that come in, see the game, and gone. Myself and my family included. If we are hungry, we eat at the park.