Jul 17, 2012

Whose Parks Are They?

photocredit: Denise Sanchez/The Morning Call
Shown above, Luciana Martucci, with her Barbie fishing pole, teaches her daddy how to fish in an Allentown park. Luciana is concerned that the Trail Network Plan will encourage many additional bicyclists, going much faster, which will make watching her daddy more difficult; He tends to wander when they walk on the paths. She doesn't understand why the paths are going to be dug up and paved to accommodate one particular set of users, at the expense of all others.

The parks are a nationally recognized heritage of all Allentonians, from one generation to the next. No one Administration, or set of Trustee's, is entitled to impose irreversible changes in its design or use.

reprinted from April 10, 2010


Anonymous said...

Even more egregious when those changes,blacktop paths, are not supported by any best practice or recommended,widely excepted industry standards.

Anonymous said...

Why they are the Mayors parks.

Anonymous said...

Cynthia Mota's? Malcolm Gross's and Trexler Trust's?
The Friends of Allentown Park's?

Anonymous said...

It was Mayor Bill Heydt's at one time. But he sold it out for a cheap Xmas light display.

Anonymous said...

Heydt only sold a piece of the parks for Lights in the Parkway,
Maybe this mayor can figure out how to sell the entire park system after he sells the water,sewer and airport.

I'm not sure who the parks-sewer-water-airport belongs to. But apparently it's not the people.

Anonymous said...

Please note in this county blog post from 2008 when Allentown stupidly sold the water to LCA who is clinking glasses with Ed and Donnie.

It's Marcel Groen, the power broker that plans to take palumpski to the mansion in Harrisburg. He's the same buddy that stands to make millions for the incinerator that will be choking our air.

I wonder if Ed will get more contributions, and Marcel will make more millions negotiating this historic sale too! It's a win win!

I finally believe in conspiracy. And this one has a beard.


Anonymous said...

over 2 years later. no "spandex lobby". no one in the bicycle community cares to ride there bike trough Cedar Beach. no more bike riders then there ever were at The Rose Garden( unless you count my 5 year old who learned to ride without training wheels there this past March). sorry, you were wrong about bikes. Luciana remains safe.

michael molovinsky said...

@6:41, the trail network plan has not been implemented because of the recession with less dollars from washington, and weitzel's departure. the plan still exists, is passed by city council and a threat to our park system.

Anonymous said...

6:41 Cedar Beach was scared and dissected,justified by the "trail plan".
It hasn't happened because federal grant money that was anticipated dried up due to economic climate.
The administration would love to get fed money to complete the trails but is now consumed by the NIZ affair.
The spandex crowd played their role as useful idiots. The parks continue to decline.
Connecting the declining parks will have to wait.
Meanwhile the parks staff is down 40%,no knowledge middle management and no leadership at the top.
Respectfully,Molivinsky was spot and you,641,sound like a fool.