Jul 13, 2012

What Will Arena Complex Really Cost

We read in the paper that the arena complex will cost $220 million dollars, but that figure was actually created by yours truly, back in April. I simply rounded off the arena from 158 to 160, added 20 for the office addition, and another 40 for the hotel. Although The Morning Call was quick to adopt my math, City Hall has remained silent in regard to any correction; That may well mean that the project will actually cost more. It is my belief that the real cost will not be known until they float the bonds.


Anonymous said...

Well Michael, you just show up at the Vision Committee meeting and share those numbers as part of your vision. Perhaps you could help guide the vision of the actual budget.
See how you could contribute instead of just being an old complainer.
Your presence will be welcomed. Your input valued.
You will help shape the future.

michael molovinsky said...

@5:28, you may attempt to marginalize me, but here you are, reading my blog at 5:30am

Anonymous said...


I thought 5:28 was being sarcastic. Everyone knows only team players are welcome at any Allentown related meeting.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

MM Scott's got it. That's the risk in sarcasm.
Anyway, I'm sure they would love to see you there.

Anonymous said...

A few million $$ here, a few million $$ there. Whats a few million $$ between close friends?

Anonymous said...

It is always a life of unfettered abundance in good ole Allentown under the current administration. No problems here. Party on fellow fools, damn reality. It is no fun anyway.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's free money from the Government.

Why should I care what the final cost of the record-smashing Palace of Sport is?

Pawlowski is transforming and creating jobs, it said so in The Morning Call.



Anonymous said...

I thought conservative republican Big Bill Heydt already transformed Allentown?
Or was it just the Lehigh Parkway he transformed,what with the Lights and all?
Oh,well. Better luck to the next conservative republican mayor........and our party for all this talk doesn't even have one seat on council.
We better do some kind of reality check.
Tea Party revolt? Yo,say what?

Anonymous said...

Allentown would be wise to keep the costs as low as possible.

The NIZ is a political animal housed in a cage in Harrisburg.

The NIZ could be here today, gone in five years. Legislation can always be amended or disposed of.

I could see other cities and counties wanting their own NIZ and pressuring their legislators to get them one. I can also see the state becoming more and more desperate in capturing every dollar in revenue and needing those NIZ revenues back.

Either way, if I'm the City I'm cautious about spending and keeping one eye open at least for the next couple years.

Of course they won't. They'll blow the entire line of credit on this thing.

Anonymous said...

Just back from my Friday walk in the Lehigh Parkway.

I found it hard to believe in your blog when I read it yesterday,but: there are no city workers at the white Parkway barn. This is unbelievable to me.

And the lawn looks really,really burned out.

I don't know what to make of this. I thought I was past shock.

This, while millions spent downtown?

michael molovinsky said...

@10:35, many lawns which were not watered the past couple weeks looked burnt out; It's a combination of high temperature and little rain. the grass will recover; the real damage for the last 6 years has been, imo, the wrong priorities. we laid off park workers, but hired consultants for a dog park, and a destination water park. we paved the paths, and planned to connect all the parks, even though we cannot maintain what we have. currently, we have two closed swimming pools., and so on.

Anonymous said...


If you include the development of the waterfront, the waste to energy plant, and the arena complex I think we are going to be close to a billion dollars.

There is a lot of betting going on with our future.

Keep writing, I especially enjoy the historic pictures of Allentown.


ironpigpen said...

Thank you for pointing out, Anonymous 8:25, exactly why it is pointless for people who believe in Constitutional Conservatism (and time-honored concepts such as Limited Government and Low Taxes) to even begin to think about participating in the political process of the People's Democratic City With No Spending Limits.



michael molovinsky said...

i have received and rejected a few comments addressed back and forth between readers. although i appreciate the readership, the comment section on this blog is not meant as a chat room. I especially reject such comments which will instigate more chatting