Jul 1, 2012

A Warrior for Israel

After Yizhak Yzernitizky's father was murdered in the woods of Poland for being a Jew, the 20 year old immigrated to the British Mandate of Palestine in 1935. His sisters would remain behind and die in the Holocaust. He took a new name, Shamir, and came to command the underground Stern Gang, which targeted the British prior to Israel's independence. Twice captured by the British, he escaped both times. After Independence, he served Mossad for ten years. In 1983 he began his first term as Prime Minister. In his second term as Minister, he oversaw the mass migration of Soviet Jews, and the airlift of Ethiopian Jews. Yizhak Shamir died yesterday, at the age of 96.

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Anonymous said...

I believe he was an extraordinary man and a great leader of the kind rarely seen here in the US unfortunately.
He was also active as a terrorist during the Stern Gang period just as sure as any IRA man during the "Troubles".
Life,and history,are complex.