Jul 26, 2012

The Great White Hope

Jack Johnson was the first black man to hold the World Heavyweight Championship, in an era which did not celebrate such an accomplishment. A former champ, James Jefferies, was induced by $100,000 in 1910 to come out of retirement to challenge Johnson. Jefferies was called The Great White Hope. The story became a movie in 1970, starring James Earl Jones. By the time Joe Louis became champion three decades later, although the resentment was gone, he was still referred to as the Negro Champion and the Brown Bomber. A promo for Abe Simon's first Louis fight even refers to Simon as The White Heavyweight. Simon certainly was no bigot, his trainer for the fight was none other than the great Jack Johnson himself.

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ironpigpen said...

Off topic here, Mr. Molovinsky ...

... but I just heard that the London Olympics WILL NOT observe a moment of silence for the 11 Israel Olympic team members who were killed by radical a Palestinian terrorist group with ties to future Nobel Peace Prize winner Yassir Arafat at the Opening Ceremony tomorrow.

Having written three separate pieces about the "Man-Caused Disaster" at the 1972 Munich Games, I find this decision exceptionally disappointing.

Not surprised one bit, though.


"1972 Olympic Games : Black September In Munich"

"Munich Olympic Massacre In Photos"

"1972 Olympic Games : Goalkeeper Guarded After Munich Massacre" ... (the American goalkeeper was/still is Jewish)