Jul 8, 2012

Only The Best for Public Housing

For an Allentown historian with an interest in photography, the photo above is as good as it gets; Eleanor Roosevelt visiting Allentown's new public housing project in 1942, Hanover Acres. I snatched the photo off The Morning Call this morning; Paul Carpenter has a column where he brooded about public housing recipients complaining that they can't smoke, while living on our dime. I'll do him one better. They're now griping about it in new housing, Overlook Park. Hanover Acres and the newer project, Riverview Terrace, were both torn down several years ago to construct new townhouses. It's supposedly a mixed income project, with homes both for sale, and Section 8 rentals.
Over the years Hanover Acres became a "terrible" place to live, a crime-ridden eyesore. Overlook Park, the $88 million development that's sprung up in its place, however, is "beautiful." Daniel R. Farrell, executive director of the Allentown Housing Authority, described turning Hanover Acres into Overlook Park as "an amazing transformation."The development features 269 rental apartments and room for 53 single-family homes.
It was built by Pennrose Properties, which specializes in politically correct and politically connected housing for profit. They have done well in Allentown with Mayor Ed. Not long before Hanover and Riverview were demolished, they were completely remodeled, with high end kitchen cabinets and counters. Shown below is yours truly, in Little Lehigh Manor, built in 1944. Those brick houses of the same vintage are still new enough for home buyers today. Most of Allentown's existing row houses were built between 1895 and 1930. If Carpenter is upset about smoking, he should drive over to Overlook Park and see what they're smoking in.


Anonymous said...

No body vseems to mention these houses are stash houses for the drugs that infected allentown. Than there is the arrests of the people that reside in public housing that are not terminated from local athorities. Always passing the buck that aspect of the law is not our jurisdiction.

Home rule charter, incompatance and claiming ignorance from this administration is just like being a part of this corrupt criminal organization.

michael molovinsky said...

@10:04, i am obviously not a fan of public housing, or even section 8, however, i have never observed that more drug dealing occurred in such residences. i would think the contrary, so as not to lose the cherished voucher.

doug_b said...

Mr Molovinsky, while I applaud your tenacity, IMO, restoring Allentown’s WPA artifacts is not going to help the ‘situation.’

I was born in ’49. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I was born a high IQ, high awareness person. To this day, it is not a gift that some may think.

I was keenly aware (at Raub Jr High) how base, how low class (for lack of a better term), was Allentown. My family moved and I attended Dieruff HS – a horrible facility, filled with low socio-economic students – even in 1965.

After attending two Universities, and subsequently leaving Allentown, I realize what a ‘pit’ I grew up in. Yes, there were some middle class stores on Hamilton St, but probably Max Hess threw more money on that store, than he made (or perhaps a small margin).

IMHO Molovinsky, you lack a broader view. Allentown was a sheltered place from true economics and the market place.

Now the entire infrastructure of Allentown is worn out. No jobs, sh*ty housing, shitty jobs, filled with uneducated / uncaring immigrants in housing projects?

And you’re worried about a WPA bridge? IMO the inmates have taken over the asylum!

Anonymous said...

Nice picture of you mr.m as you were a youth along time ago as I, the city has a very special camera system. These cameras are supposed to monitor criminal activity yet they never have pictures in criminal cases that have happened right under the camera.

Anonymous said...

Most rental residents of Overlook Park do not receive Section 8 vouchers. However, Pennrose does adjust the rent of many according to their income by making up the difference using federal tax credits.

The nice thing about this arrangement is you get some residents who ultimately do, or will, pay market rate rents and it is much easier to evict trouble makers with a private entity handling the job rather than a government bureaucracy. The percentage of market rate rentals would have been much higher if certain interests didn’t demand residents of the old neighborhood were first in line. Residency requirements are strict nevertheless.

Thankfully, the housing authority now just owns the land under the buildings but has an agreement to place people in a few units if they need to. Apparently ownership of the land is enough for them to take credit for the neighborhood’s well being. In reality it is probably more appropriate to credit their absence.

Anonymous said...

Paul Carpenter has a column where he brooded about public housing recipients complaining that they can't smoke, while living on our dime.

I'll do him one better.

Lung cancer deaths now surpasses all other cancers combined. Can't smoke and cause innocent children's lungs to be diseased.
Oh the horror of it all.

Anonymous said...

Rumor Only. Not Confirmed. Someone said one of the city's newest developments is already experiencing construction defects.

Anonymous said...

This is a fact LLC allows the funneling of federal money off the top and than allowing under quality subcontrating to be done.Penrose or what ever there name has changed to has done the linden street project. There were several no name plumbers there digging in the street many times.

Anonymous said...

The death of outrage. That symbolizes my current attitude re Allentown. I want out. I have wasted too much time here. Hopelessness pervades center city. The f***ing area is a joke just like the clown of a mayor and all his minions supporting this delusion. Public housing buys votes and breeds drug dealers. Do not kid yourself. They have many clients from the west end as well. The conversion to classier real estate just allayed their fears a bit. Geat marketing strategy.

Anonymous said...

The Parks are Allentown's last best thing.

Take a look at the Parkway. What a sorry decline.

Anonymous said...

Yes,Allentown and it's "leaders"are a joke.

No, the people in public housing don't vote.

Doug B., respectfully: our extraordinary park system is all this city has to be proud of. It is this cities treasure,it's legacy, it's last best hope.

Anonymous said...

That's amazing!

A self-described 'high IQ guy' with two University degrees who, by his own admission, bolts the uninspiring and always-sheltered City With No Spending Limits along time ago for greener pastures.

Having found so much paradise elsewhere, now Ambassador Awareness, apparently, has nothing better to do but come by and lecture you, Mr. Molovinsky!

Perhaps I am the only one who noticed ...

:-) :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

“Dennis mentions that his behavior is neither Republican or Democratic, which is fine. But it's worth noting that 100 percent of City Hall, where this idiotic plan is coming from, is Democrat.

Until city voters toss a few Democrats out of office, nothing will change. And merely replacing them in the Democrat primary isn't the answer - they're being replaced by the same thinking!

One party rule has not been good for the taxpayers or the City. Will this be the issue that wakes democrat voters up? I hope so.

PS - I just saw the city posted another deficit in 2011, according to the annual audit. Where is the outcry from our elected officials on City Council?

July 7, 2012 5:09 AM
Blogger Michael Molovinsky said...

Allentown park and recreation has not opened the fountain park pool in four seasons, because of rather minor repairs needed. Now this week, Mack pool goes down because of the filter. The children of Allentown have been reduced to three pools during a record heat wave, and this department now wants to improve the sports programs?

July 7, 2012 7:16 AM"

Would someone explain why the state's third largest city would not store a spare pool pump for such an occasion, especially since all the pools are almost 50 years old? Now Mack Pool the only source of water fun for south side children will spend how many days closed because of incompetency. Why don't south side parents come to city council meeting to ask how this could have been allowed? Why don't they ask newly appointed Cynthia Motta
how this could happen.

Anonymous said...

Lehigh Parkway has never looked more neglected. Please check it out for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

The Parkway is looking really tatty.
By all means people,check it out for yourself.