Jun 20, 2012

Sal Panto's King

This blogger has taken a number of shots at Sal Panto, especially concerning his Al Bundy Museum of High School Sports. For a wise-guy like me, Panto is the gift that keeps on giving. Last week Sal announced that an African King would be visiting Easton. Panto said that he's "very royal" and that he could go anywhere, but chose Easton. Turns out the kingdom is pretty much limited to inside the guy's head. In the past, Panto has invited me to Easton to discuss, face to face, those things which I criticize, such as the Lanta Terminal. If he's willing to give me the royal treatment, I will come.


Anonymous said...

MM -

I heard Pawlowski leveled a whole block to welcome the same guy.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I suspect Panto would be more than willing to give you the royal treatment.