Jun 20, 2012

A Road Runs Through It

Once, there was a time when gasoline was twenty five cents a gallon, there was no internet, and a family would go for a drive on Sunday. There was no traffic congestion or road rage. The cars were large, and they all came from Detroit. You could drive through a park, even an amusement park. There was no rush to get back to the television; It was very small, with only a few channels. Life now seems to revolve around small silicon chips, I preferred when it was large engines.

photograph shows the road through Dorney Park
reprinted from December 2010


Bethlehem Native said...

Nice pic. I remember both the Whip (is it still there at Dorney?) and that particular model LANTA bus. The road I think was gone by the time I first visited Dorney.

Anonymous said...

I remember a picture from about 1985 with Bob Plarr sitting on a bench in the middle of the road when he finally had the road closed. Yes, the Whip is still there, however very slow and dull to keep the lawsuits down from idiots hurting themselves. It has seatbelts now too. Help me! Protect me from my own stupidity! I cry for our country.