Jun 18, 2012

Fill Wanted

By the late 1950's, residential Allentown was pretty much built up. The remaining lots were of the odd ball topography; Most of which were either significantly above, or below street level. It was common to see signs which said either Fill Wanted, or Free Fill, depending on the odd lots problem. We have an odd lot problem on Hamilton Street, between 7th and 8th. Currently, there is enormous political pressure to make sure that Allentown doesn't remain with a hole downtown. We got this hole because our esteemed political leaders figured that if they could pull off the caper fast enough, there would be no stopping them. That hole should now be filled in, even if the citizens eventually decide that an arena should be built. No project costing a quarter $billion dollars should be built just because we already have the hole.

photo:Harry Fisher/The Morning Call


Anonymous said...

MM -

I'm continually amazed that activity continues in "The Hole" merely to keep up the obvious sham of ongoing construction. Everyone knows that the project is stalled, and they're not fooling anyone by throwing more money into the hole.

Until the court case gets resolved, the Allentown taxpayer should not be put on the hook for another dime.

When will our "leaders" on City Council stand up an say something? That any of them are even contemplating higher office - much less moving on to one - is a travesty.

Anonymous said...

Maybe code, sweep and the parking authority can come up with the funds to complete P's pit.

Anonymous said...

The saga will continue with the help of local media that has been the local political corrupt back machine. They will just keep proping up the actors like pupets so they are never in the limelight.

Please dig a little deeper mm?

michael molovinsky said...

The Morning Call is sort of a mixed bag. although they printed my editorial which stated that they should now submit the arena idea to public scrutiny because of the legal delays, the paper did not quote from it under their "Best of Letters" section yesterday. I know from comments I received off line, that it was well received by the public. However, yesterday's column by Paul Carpenter clearly pointed out how the arena legislation violates the state constitution.

Anonymous said...

Please I am standing in the line at the convenience store. I do not have the money but because I am there you should give it to me free. Someone else should pay.

Please I am standing in the line at the bank. I do not have any money in my account but because I am standing there you should give it to me anyway. Someone else should pay.

Please I have this big hole in the ground and I want to build an arena. I don't have any money. Build it anyway. Someone else should pay.


Great logic. If this is way the public pressure sways, there is no question why we have the problems we do.

Anonymous said...

Make it a park, a true civic space for use by all. install seating, an public gathering area, some grass and trees. heck maybe even design it on a grid and and a few pubic works of art oR monuments. Hey how about a bust of Palowski on the center of the park. "ARSE SIDE UP OF COURSE!"

what a stupid prick of a politican. doesn't give a dam about the populace. Hey let's call a town meeting, hold it at Stabler center and really see what the population thinks about this crazy hockey area and side show of rich developer hooplah!