May 2, 2012

Invite Molovinsky

When Bernie O'Hare posted the other day that Some Businesses Matter was looking for someone to join Steve Thode to debate Hailstone and Fleck on the NIZ, I almost raised my hand. There was a time when Michael Schlossberg used to ask me to come on the show. I always said no; Truth is, I'd rather sit here, and opine on my schedule. Since Iannelli is essentially the third person on the pro side, it is not inappropriate to add a third chair for the side against.* Anyway, if they want to balance out the show with someone who was party to the displaced merchant's point of view, I will rent a tie and jacket.

*Bernie O'Hare will be on opposing side with Steve Thode

UPDATE:  I have been invited by Business Matters to take Bernie O'Hare's place.   Michael Fleck, representing the NIZ with Sara Hailstone, refused to appear with Bernie.

UPDATE:  I have been informed that Sara Hailstone will NOT attend, and is being replaced by Jeff Barber, local mortgage broker and NIZ supporter.


Bernie O'Hare said...

MM, I want you to come and hope you can break out a jacket and tie.

Anonymous said...

"Michael Fleck, representing the NIZ with Sara Hailstone, refused to appear with Bernie"


Anonymous said...

Michael, I know Jeff Barber quite well. He is a good "kid", loves Allentown (his Hometown) but has his priorities all messed up because he has adamantly supported the Center City Arena location from the beginning. We have had some very heated debates on this subject, whenever I see him.HA!
You will enjoy the give and take of tomorrow night's taping. Stand your ground.....PJF

Anonymous said...

So the city officials won't face the only guy who has a full knowlege of the issue. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

unbelievable that thousands of people don't know about this.

Anonymous said...

Public servants refusing to do their job, replace them.