May 11, 2012

Guarding The Parks

I never imagined that as a boy growing up in Lehigh Parkway, that 60 years later, I would have to spend my time defending the parks. Especially defending them against the Park Director and The Trexler Trust. Weitzel thanked the Trexler Trust in his departing statement last week. He left town for a new job, with his resume enhanced by all the plans we paid for. Pardon me, but I have been saying for years that he was building a resume at the expense of our treasured park system. His Water Park plan was so over the top, that even City Council asserted themselves, an exercise they hadn't performed in years. Supposedly, Trexler Trust, still subservient to Pawlowski, was prepared to fund this absurdity. How sad that Fountain Park Pool has been closed for several years over $160,000 worth of repairs, when we just spend $80,000 for the Swimming Toward The Future Presentation. That study claims that it will cost $4 million to renovate our existing pool system. I believe that they exaggerated that figure, to justify their proposed $11 million Water Kingdom. I have learned that Allentown is conducting a nationwide search for a new park director. We would be better served by someone already working in, and familiar with our park system. We had enough grandiose plans and projects in the last five years to last us for many decades to come.


Anonymous said...

Can you possibly find out about the newly completed 18th century-styled restroom built near the new walking iron bridge next to the park barn that still has an ugly white PVC pipe sticking up in the front of its entrance. This restroom took about two years of hand-work and true dedication to complete and is wonderfully attractive in every way. But this pipe?

Anonymous said...

"18th century-styled restroom"
This is a joke - right?
Nobody would use tax money for a two year project to build an outhouse? 18th century?
say it ain't so.