May 21, 2012

Ethics and Editorials

The Ethics Debate at DeSales University was cancelled because of ethics. Originally scheduled for last week, Sy Traub and R.B. Reilly were to represent the NIZ against Steve Thode, Lehigh Professor and opponent. The proponents supposedly had to drop out because of pending litigation. I had questioned Sy Traub at the WFMZ Debate for the same reason; Why he could participate, but Sara Hailstone couldn't? This evening Bethlehem Township Commissioners will discuss the Arena issue, despite having filed a lawsuit, despite being involved in litigation.

 Several years ago The Morning Call ceased printing in house Editorials, instead expanding the Your View space, opinion pieces from their readers. When they had editorials, supposedly there was a firewall between them and the news. This past week, I wrote about the push poll conducted by Muhlenberg and the paper. It clearly seemed a vehicle intended to promote the arena, an editorial dressed as the news. They had to put the financial issue aside to conduct the poll. That's like putting aside the shooting and asking Mrs. Lincoln how was the play? The Morning Call continued the editorial in yesterday's paper, using the article, and a quote from Alan Jennings about kicking Allentown when it's down, in the week's roundup section.

 No reflection on the individuals invited, but perhaps a discussion on Ethics and the NIZ was an oxymoron from the get go. Perhaps The Morning Call should print an editorial supporting the Arena project, and stop compromising the objectivity of their news articles.

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Anonymous said...

An ethics debate without the typical cast of NIZ characters is not possible? I think it shows more about DeSales than anything else. So what higher authority do they answer to?

Anonymous said...

No meadeation for allentown from the players except the poor excuse for a mayors 15 minutes of fame.
Project stalled and when is the court date, no re writing the legislation?

Anonymous said...
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michael molovinsky said...

@7:47, please place your cyberstalking at the bill and angie villa blog, where i and other members of the community are attacked, including deans and ministers. considering that you refer to a playground, you might also choose angie villa's blog on childhood education

Anonymous said...

MM -

What I find most telling about Jennings' comment, and what the Morning Call won't delve into, is the part about "kicking Allentown when it's DOWN".

That's as close as the paper has come to printing reality in the last six years.

Allentown IS down, thanks to Ed Pawlowski and his rubber stamp councils. Prior to this admission, Pawlowski only received glowing coverage for his propaganda about Allentown's revitalization and improvement under his watch.

It would be nice for the Morning Call to write a story about why such an expensive and unprecedented attempt by state government to intervene in the affairs of a city is the ONLY way to save Allentown. To me, the whole scheme smacks of desperation, and an admission that those currently in City Government have failed us.

michael molovinsky said...

@9:36, the backdoor admission is an interesting observation. i believe that this kicking allentown while it's down is just a strategy to counter legitimate issues about the NIZ. It is an enormously expensive undertaking, costing the many, benefiting the few. It was done with no input from the citizens or townships, now taxed with it's cost. any blame for the delay, or worse, rests with those who tried to push it through with no dialogue.

ironpigpen said...

THE MORNING CALL should just go ahead and change the name to CHARIMAN PAWLOSKI's POST or, perhaps, CITY HALL's DAILY HEADLINES.

THE ARENA SHILL also has a nice ring to it.

But, what would I know? After all, unlike some NIZ Cheerleaders who shall remain nameless here, I am not a highly-trained, well-educated professional journalist.

I can spot an utter Public Relations Disaster, though. And I definitely know Trash Talk when I hear it. I predict the Bad Blood and Ill Will will continue for a long time after this whole Palace of Sport thing is "settled."

Congratulations, Chairman Pawlowski!


Anonymous said...

There once was a guy who lived across the street from a neighbor who took great care of his property. Grass always cut, flowers tended, windows gleaming, painted... The other guy was indifferent. His home had high grass, weeds, broken windows, litter, trash, busted shutters, peeling paint. One day, the neat neighbor came home to find the slovenly neighbor inside his home, stealing money from him. The neighbor's response? "Yes, I am stealing from you, but actually, I am doing this for you. I will use this money I am stealing to improve my house. By doing this, I am increasing property values for you and for others."

Guess which neighbor is Allentown.