May 7, 2012

A Disdainful Blogger

The email was accidentally sent to me from a cellphone during a three way communication. I was pitching a Morning Call reporter to publicize an issue, and he was requesting permission from an editor. The email said yes Molovinsky is disdainful, but it would make an interesting article. I earned the disdainful tag by taking the reporters to task for their shortcomings reporting the news of our community, and failing to credit myself and other bloggers when appropriate. My ability to alienate has hurt the success of my efforts on community issues. More diplomatic advocates receive the publicity which moves their agenda forward. As a younger man I was apparently too dumb to learn, now, I'm too old. With that introduction, let me take a swipe at the On The Cheap columnist, Spencer Soper. Spence, the big news isn't that House of Chen ended their economy buffet, but that J.B. Reilly is ending their business. Those buildings are being bought with the same threatening tactics used by the City against the merchants across the street, now home to the hole. This dour, misguided, disdainful blogger will appear this evening on Business Matters on WFMZ69 at 8:00p.m. During the program I insult the host, Tony Ianelli; It figures.



monkey momma said...

I thought the Soper article was weird, too. It's certainly not inflation that's ending the House of Chen run - it's JB Reilly and friends. And no mention of this at all in the article??? Talk about ignoring the 400 pound gorilla in the room...

michael molovinsky said...

momma, in the whole article, there's one line; The family is selling the restaurant to investors interested in its location, 732 Hamilton St., across from the hockey arena site in downtown Allentown. what else bothers me is that The Morning Call squanders 5 needed reporters on what I consider novelty columns.

Anonymous said...

you may be disdainful but MANY more of us are disillusioned angry, and completely disgusted by nearly all aspects of this so-called hockey arena debacle.There have been so many pernicious deeds performed by the Pud administration, the local news media, and their wealthy partners that it is impossible to place any faith in any of these entities.

Anonymous said...

Funny story from the Mourning Call on their circulation being down only slightly. What the "journalists" left out is that they've been pushing $0.01 Sunday subscriptions and then started giving out Thursdays to those same free Sunday subscribers. Talk about integrity...being half truthful about the state of their version of the Weekly World News just to keep advertisers. Sorry, as a former advertiser, Google's provided many more returns than a dying rag.

spencer soper said...

I can't believe you took a swipe at us for our House of Chen coverage, but failed to mention the ill-conceived musical tribute video:
Talk about missing the 40 pound wonton in the room. Thanks for reading.

doug_b said...

Here's how the new Twins baseball stadium is working in Minneapolis:

It's only 3 yrs old, and scalpers can't sell tickets at a 60% discount.

A Strib reader summed it up: "The team's lack of success, poor weather and dwindling excitement over a new stadium have led the secondary-ticket market to its bottom as scalpers are desperate to sell." ---- SAY WHAT? DWINDLING EXCITEMENT over a brand new STADIUM? That cannot be! This is the PEOPLES' BASEBALL STADIUM so fans should be coming out in droves. Plus, aren't fans patronizing all the restaurants and bars near the new stadium such that Block E will be revitalized? No? That isn't happening? I'm truly sorry Minneapolis. You got the shaft and are going to get it again if a group of citizens fails to file a lawsuit against Dayton's plan to force-feed another stadium into your tax rolls."

Now the MN state legislature is going to shove a $billion dollar stadium for the Vikings ( they will play 8 games a year in that stadium ) down our throats. Never mind there is a brand new stadium at the U of M not 2 miles away.

Molovinsky, you and the people of Allentown have been very lucky to have avoided this new think government for as long as you have. These 'leaders' can think of no other use for a downtown except as an amusment park, bars, gambling, and stadiums - none of which support full time jobs with decent wages.

Anonymous said...

And the questionable opinion of this holier-than-thou editor sitting in judgement over there at the wildly successful The Morning Call (flush with cash and not struggling with any financial issues because they sell so many newspapers) is important and influential because?


michael molovinsky said...

spencer, i did miss the video, and it is excellent. i recommend that all my readers use the link in post above to return to your article, then click on video. having some tech issues today, but will establish click on this post to video when resolved.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Fleck is a real pushy one. Welcome to the chosen ones in Allentown! He really needs to watch "Bully". Great job Mike, I would have walked away from these clowns and moved to SV. Steve Thode has a brain. Jeff Barber is a class warfare dude, kind of like our President. Fleck, the casino was largely PRIVATELY FUNDED (LV Sands) not stealing other peoples TAX MONEY!! Say Union No!

Anonymous said...

Retired ASD teacher here.

You DID do well, Michael. Congratulations!

In the interest of fairness, I must say, the interruptions and exaggerations went both ways. I would be shocked if Thode's figures of the cigarette component were correct. The numbers he used were VERY high. Same for his use of the word billions when describing the tax monies diverted into the NIZ. Right now, at least, this is an issue of millions, not billions.

Fleck was often loud, but he is a large man, and this is a highly charged issue. He should NOT have attacked the surrounding municipalities as strongly as he did. After all, he's hopeful of their support.

Both Traub and Barber were professional, although I'm sure Barber regrets describing the former block as a cancer. Those business people worked every bit as hard as he does.

Tony presented an excellent program. There should be a Part II real soon with other guests.

There's no doubt in my mind, the NIZ law is flawed and should be re-crafted. Even Fleck agreed to an extent. I say, delay the project. Air it out completely and legally. The Phantoms will wait. They are sitting a a real sweetheart deal in Allentown.

Anonymous said...

Retired ASD Teacher said,

"I would be shocked if Thode's figures of the cigarette component were correct. The numbers he used were VERY high. Same for his use of the word billions when describing the tax monies diverted into the NIZ. Right now, at least, this is an issue of millions, not billions."

The arena, alone, will be a $500 million liability of the taxpayers. Depending on how much of the rest of the 130 acres is developed, it could easily reach several billion, especially if a few high profile corporations move into the NIZ.

And don't forget, the arena is only Ed's first delusion. Next, he'll be clamoring for a convention center to fill his luxury hotel.

30 years is a long time. Lots and lots of mischief can occur.

Steve Thode

Anonymous said...

JB the fallen leader of LVHN profit care rides the back of the nicotine monkey to more riches at the cost of the children and economic disadvantaged of Allentown. He and head henchman Pud are preparing the upcoming lack of ethics breakfast at DeSotted University in Center Walley. Ride hard captain fantastic and your luded out brain trust. Perhaps the priests will be too tossed to know the difference.

Anonymous said...

I don't normally read, let alone post on a blog. However, after your performance tonight on Business Matters I felt it was important to tell you how awful and disgusting you acted at the end of the show. Your comments that brought in Reilly's kids and grandkids were unnecessary, sensational and very much in bad taste. The fact that you brought them into the conversation demonstrates to me how weak your argument is and how low you will go to make your point. I don’t care if you disagree with someone, but when you bring kids into the argument, you show how weak you are and how weak your argument is.

michael molovinsky said...

@11:21, my statement that we will enrich the reilly family for generations, but the NIZ must do something for the people of allentown, certainly wasn't a personal attack on his family, in any way. you obliviously think that i did very well in the debate, and now can only misconstrue what i said.

Anonymous said...

Michael - You were the only one with any sense on the show. Thode was good but not his venue. Fleck is Pud goon and nothing more. Traub go to Florida and enjoy yourself, its time. It is nice to see Tony continue to be impressed with himself. But he needs to change the five & dime routine he uses. Times are a changin. The NIZ will never happen. And by the way Tony, I think Fleck thought you were talking about the developers when you mentioned his choice of suit purveyors, if he has ever been in one of those stores in his life, which I doubt.

Anonymous said...

I liked the age spot on Molovinsky's right cheek that looks like a permanent crying tear, as in the tears of a clown.

Anonymous said...

Mike, you did as well as could be expected, especially having to sit next to and compete for time (and volume) with Ralph Kramden, or whatever the guy's name is. He had one point to make and simply increased the volume when confronted by facts showing his argument to be weak. Unionsists should be ashamed, if indeed he speaks for them. I guess temporary jobs in a tough market are good, but they are just temporary. I really don't see the huge job payoff coming due to this development.

Experience hosting this type of show qualified Tony Ianelli to herd cats.

The good doctor could not really make his argument, with a format that allowed and even encouraged shouting. I would really like to hear a point/counterpoint format next time.

Sy Traub? He seemed embarassed to be there, and as his previous public pronouncements indicate, he tries to compromise. He saw the absurdity of the format and disappeared at the 14 minute mark.

What can anyone say about this Barber fellow? Mike- You can rest easy now, knowing that Mr. Barber let the cat out of the administration's bag when he compared an urban block, its business owners and especially the customer base with a deadly, malevolent disease. Nice fellow.

He seemed to make the point you identified early on when you called them on the bus route strategy.


Anonymous said...

May 8, 2012 8:11 AM

Not only an astute comment but utterly profound (sick). A perfect example of why the arena situation is in the position it is.

When the Puds do not get their way, they resort to impish tactics such as those embarrassing displayed on this blog.

There is a standard response for this type of behavior: Grow up!. But alas I fear it is wasted, it is way too far above your cognitive ability for you to grasp the meaning of.

May 8, 2012 8:11 AM - if you do not understand what I just said, I called you an a$$.

michael molovinsky said...

comment 8:11 is from an antagonist who could care less about the arena, or any city issue. i deleted the same exact comment last night, but decided to allow it to remain today. please ignore it, thanks.

ironpigpen said...

Mike Fleck = Bully Boy Union Goon who really needs to get his own blog or something.

And increase his vocabulary to include a few more words than just "hysteria".

I feel another article about Chairman Pawlowski's spectacular $ 220.0 million dollar Palace of Sport coming on soon.

I'm not sure if Mr. Fleck will find it too entertaining, however, and I am definitely NOT afraid of the infamous Union Rat being inflated anywhere in retaliation against my right to exercise my Constitutional Free Speech, just so he knows.

I offered Future Downtown Arena Attendee my hockey blog for free quite some time ago. But he/she/it failed to take me up on my offer ... Not a smart move from the NIZ Cheerleaders then, or what?



Anonymous said...

Has their been a "smart move" on the part of Chairman Pawlowski or the NIZ Cheerleaders at any point throughout this entire Palace of Sport fiasco ...

... or what?

Can you say "public relations disaster"?

Sure ... I knew you could!


Anonymous said...

spencers video played with sound but I get no sound from the channel 69 link.
Did the link play for you?
Thanks for all you do.

michael molovinsky said...

@1:51, the link plays for me with sound. i suggest that you go directly to WFMZ website and watch it on their site.

Anonymous said...

I thought Fleck came off like a misinformed child braying loudly trying to get his fairy tail opinions heard.
The mayors cheerleaders had no solid points to offer.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Molovinsky,

You did really well in the tv debate. I was really proud, especially when you put Tony I on the spot. Congrats.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

400lb loud mouth bafoon and thats not baboon