Apr 26, 2012

Traveling Arena Show

Ed Pawlowski has been on the show circuit, selling the arena to the disenchanted. Last night he performed for CUNA.* After a woman complained that she lost her job at a day care center torn down for the arena, Pawlowski explained about a Community Benefit Agreement. Although there will be no instruction on becoming a hockey player or real estate tycoon, she can train to hand out peanuts, like a monkey, at the arena events. CUNA prided itself on not criticizing the project, how civil. The audience for today's show, real estate developers, might be tougher. Pawlowski softened up this group by filing a $50million dollar lawsuit against one of it's members. Needless to say, these performances should have occurred before the hole was dug.

 *Scott Kraus/The Morning Call/April25,2012


Anonymous said...

the medicine show is touting the cure.
just not for the 99.8% of us.

Anonymous said...

King Edwin's tactic- "Read? Fire. Aim."

Voice of Reason

Anonymous said...

MM -

How long will it take for those involved in the arena project to realize they will not succeed with Pawlowski involved?

He's not capable of telling the truth and the people of Allentown (and beyond) are on to that. Anything he touches turns to something, and it sure isn't gold.

Separating Pawlowski from the project is the only way for them to succeed. Unfortunately, Ed's ego won't allow it.

Anonymous said...

I was not at the show, but I heard it ended with "ah-blee ah-blee ah-blee ah-blee ah-that's all folks!!!"

Anonymous said...

Um, Comrade Molovinsky.

Did you just glance at the report of Comrade Kraus in today's Morning Call, or what?.

The poor have now been officially "involved" by Chairman Pawlowski in the magnificent Palace of Sport.

In other words --- everything is A-okay in the City With No (Spending?) Limits.

Please make a note and get on board, ASAP.