Apr 20, 2012

A Sexist Post

Much like Popeye, I can't take it anymore without saying anything. Half the women driving upscale SUV's are driving with one hand, and holding their cellphone in the other. Who are they taking to? They're talking to other women with unlimited cellphone plans. What's so important? Absolutely nothing. Until recently, Presidents of the United States didn't have cell phones. The No Texting Campaign is anemic; Not only shouldn't you be typing while driving, you shouldn't be holding a cell phone. Ohio is the only other state surrounding Pennsylvania which submits drivers to this danger.


local said...

It's not just the women.
Everybody including cops are yaking on their cell phones.
At my west side breakfast spot we watch most drivers blow right through the stop sign. We now laugh when we see a car stop at the sign.
The yellow light now apparently means "speed up"
Manners and courtesy are hard to find on our roads.

Canary_In_Coalmine said...

Plenty of men are guilty too, but probably more women. In answer to your question of what's so important... THEY ARE. At the risk of being sexist, I guarantee you the conversation is all about them, or the world as it relates to them. The choice of such a giant vehicle--which 99.5% of the time is completely unnecessary for the required task--and the decision to spend endless hours on the cell phone both reek of narcissism.

The phenomenon you address inspired this excellent song:


I can't find the full song for free on the internet but you can download it from ITunes for $1 or simply read the lyrics for free at the bottom of the home page, www.90poundsuv.com

Anonymous said...

MM -

Who are they on the phone with - who cares? Have we come to the point where we need to control every aspect of every person's life, in the name of the so-called "common good"? That kind of flawed logic has gotten us a budget-busting health care program at the national level that will enslave not only our children but grandchildren just to pay for it.

Most studies done in states that have banned cell phone use show little or no reduction in accidents or increase in safety. But let's not let the facts get in the way of telling others what to do.

I have a feeling that cell phones are the popular place to lay blame for accidents, as few are willing to admit they simply made a mistake. Believe it or not, people blew through stop signs, ran red lights, drove poorly and even got into accidents before cell phones came along.

People are capable of having a conversation AND driving a car at the same time. Whether the person they are talking to is on the phone or sitting next to them is irrelevant.

michael molovinsky said...

@10:28, i feel the combination of driving with one hand, and being distracted by the conversation does increase the risk factor. i advocate for a ban on hand held cellphones. i'm glad to host your point of view.

doug_b said...

I think there's a difference between having a conversation with an occupant in the car and a phone conversation.

The people in the car are aware that you're going down the road, and will generally conduct their conversation. When traffic gets heavy, dicey, they are more likely to realize it, and act accordingly.

OTOH a phone conversation causes one to turn inward more, use one hand on the wheel, and the driver doesn't have the support of the other party.

When I'm on the freeway, and I pass a car going 5-10 mph under the speed limit (even in the left most lane) it's a good bet that the driver's on the phone.

Canary_In_Coalmine said...

@10:28 - Did the studies consider whether or not people actually comply with the cellphone ban? If the law is on the books but nobody follows it, of course there wouldn't be any reduction in safety.

There are other studies which show that talking on a handheld cellphone while driving impairs the driver's response time by about the same amount as several alcoholic beverages. I'm sure there are people who can multitask and drive safely while holding a phone, but there are plenty of others who can't and since there's no way to distinguish, we're better off with the ban.

I am with you when it comes to small government and civil liberties but this strikes me as a matter of basic safety, comparable to seatbelt or DUI laws.

Anonymous said...

turn off the radio too?