Apr 2, 2012

Obama's Betrayal of Israel

It is my personal belief that Obama never had much use for Israel, or even Jews, before he was elected President. Fortunately for him, Jews are congenital Democrats. Despite associations with known Anti-Semites, he received 78% of the Jewish vote, and will probably again approach that figure come November. Former Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, recently described the news leak that Israel secured airbases in Azerbaijan as merciless and unprecedented. If Israel decides that it's security demands that it attack Iran before November, Obama will purport support and resolve, but in reality, Israel's options were compromised.


Anonymous said...

So Obama is secretly plotting again to aid terrorists.
1.) Bolton is a Fox flack, a GOP flack, and a known liar (he was a main proponent in the "yellow cake" fraud that pushed America into way over WMDs). In my opinion, Bolton is the terrorist.
2. Bolton never paused for breath between commenting on the game-changing aspect of this development and slamming the Obama administration for the leak. Remember Bolton in 2012 said publicly he may run for prez in 2012. This nonsense is pure political theater for the bobbleheads.
3. Did the leak really come from US Intel? Who knows (except for Fox News of course). Never mind that Iran could have known this from any other source in the region.
This whole "The U.S. is too soft on Iran and not supportive enough of Israel" has been a GOP-fueled election campaign tactic for months. I hear it most often from people who have Fox News on their TVs all day and night.

michael molovinsky said...

i would have preferred that the bolton piece had not been on fox, but it does not negate the reality of the U.S. leak. o'hare's rambling's picked up on this post, and has about five links to the leak story, including israeli news sources.

doug_b said...

Israel is only one small part of the Obama train wreck. Let’s see: the only democracy in the Mideast, our only real ally, surrounded by raving lunatics, who chose to live in the 11 th centry, suppress freedom and civil rights of women. It’s crazy.
I have absolutely no confidence in the judgment of the American public. In what may be America’s darkest hour (economically / socially) we chose Obama. He has his own agenda. Thanks to Thomas Jefferson the constitutional design has produced gridlock – which is better than really screwing things up.
The man is a liar. A few examples: He lies about unemployment - he knows it’s gone down just because we no longer count some 4 million people as being unemployed – but he proudly proclaims it’s only 8.5% - when it’s really 16%. He never makes mention of the swelling Food Stamp program, nor all the people who have lost their homes, life savings, or retirement. Lying about the huge deficit, and the impact on future generations. Lying about the true cost of health care, and trying to hide the real figures. A treasury secretary that was a tax cheat, a VP who is bumbling idiot.
Meanwhile he takes 10 day vacations to Hawaii. Not that I begrudge him the vacation, but when so many people are suffering, so many things are wrong, he seems to be living in a bubble.
Maybe we should all vote for Obama again – so we can really run what’s left of our country into the ground – get it over with – and start to rebuild.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Although right wing pundits are making hay with this, it is a legitimate story, and I have links to reports from sources as varied as ABC, Foreign Policy, the Daily Mail and and Israeli source.

Anonymous said...

I just cannot seem to understand what all the fuss with Iran is about?

The great unifier Obama is on the scene, which can do nothing but guarantee the entire world peace for our time.

Divisive Rethuglicans are just a bunch of nasty haters trying, when not busy poisoning the air and water so women and children can die faster, to make the smartest and greatest President in the history of the United States look bad.

I suspect Racism funded by the evil, greedy Rich.

Anon 11:03 is spot on, the United States needs more common-sense thinkers like that in public office.


Doc Rock said...


First of all, congratulations on your victory!

One can only imagine - from the safety and security of the US - what it is like for the Israeli people to be surrounded by those who want them dead.

Until I "walk a mile in their shoes," they will get a very wide berth from me when it comes to the measures they take to remain "undead."

Anonymous said...


Jake Tapper
ABC News
Nov 8, 2011

SARKOZY (speaking of Obama) : "I don't want to see him anymore, he's a liar."

OBAMA : "You've had enough of him, but I have to deal with him everyday!"

I hate it when them damn microphones don't get turned off.

It makes the smartest and greatest President in the history of the United States looks bad in front of the whole world.


Anonymous said...

"speaking of Netanyahu"

y'all know EXACTLY what incident I'm referring to ... how can you not?