Apr 13, 2012

Join the Party

Mayor Pawlowski has told developers concerned about the unlevel NIZ playing field that they are welcome to join the party. He left out a couple important passwords in that invitation. First of all, their project must be approved by the NIZ Pawlowski appointed, connected board.
Pawlowski said. "It's hypocrisy of the highest degree. This whole argument is ludicrous. No one is stopping Rich Thulin or any other developer from taking advantage of the NIZ."
Remember that the displaced merchants, despite meeting with the City and Pat Browne, were never told that NIZ tax benefits were available for private parties. Secondly, J.B. Reilly has already purchased most of the available surrounding properties adjoining the arena block. He did this with $20million dollars provided by the City (ACIDA), which is repayable by NIZ taxes, although it was not assigned to a particular property or project. This seed or hand money was not offered to any other developer, or even mentioned in the rules specified after the fact. With two exceptions, Reilly now owns all the property on the entire block from Hamilton to Walnut, 7th to 8th.


Anonymous said...

This is all like a really bad movie.
I just can't seem to turn it off.
There is only one channel
The set is overheating.
The power knob is missing.
Lawyers, police and crooked politicians are guarding the plug.

Jon Geeting said...

It's 130 acres! Seems like plenty of room for other developers to build new buildings.

Anonymous said...

Mike, not only does the NIZ board have to approve it, but the City has to approve it before it gets to the NIZ board.

If you look at the NIZ guidelines, top of page 3


The definition of Eligible Projects states that approval of the City Director of Planning is required for the project to be eligible - then it goes to the NIZ board.

John.Jay said...

I really doubt the board would deny any dense commercial / residential development that is purposed.

michael molovinsky said...

i have been experiencing difficulty with various comments ending up in spam folders. i regret the delay, but they will be published when discovered.

Anonymous said...

I really doubt the board would deny anybody who donates lots of money to the right kind of people ...


Anonymous said...

What's up with the four city workers with blowers, brooms, and two trucks cleaning around and under the tables at the Sangria restaurant? 10:15 on this Saturday morning.
Who is paying for this very personal service?
Will they come clean up around my house too?