Mar 4, 2012

The Strange Case of Dr. Mota

Thurs. March 8, 2012*. Last night, only weeks after being appointed to City Council and promising to represent the little people, Cynthia Mota joined the Administration Machine. Her change of vote to support the Trash to Private Cash scheme was expected. Her reprogramming began immediately after she voted against it, two weeks ago. Although she admitted to Colin McEvoy of the Express Times that she received threats, that behavior was overlooked, to forward the Administration's agenda. Although she will not be representing the interests of the Hispanic Community, she now becomes the second si vote on Council.

* This blog often posts about the past, so today we cover the future.


doug_b said...

I believe your problem is generational.

Most of the Great generation people have died. Us boomers, who still remember Hess’s, Steel, etc are next. The people in the current generation have no awareness of the past or what made Allentown great. All they really know is that there’s this aging town that has gone into disrepair.

My honest opinion is that Allentown is worn out. The endless blocks of tiny row homes (maybe 1200 sq/ft) were built for the era of 1912. Inadequate parking, many have no garages, streets too narrow, closet / kitchen / bedrooms all too small for today’s style of living. I can’t imagine attracting first home buyers, plus there are so many of these row homes, they will never appreciate in value.

Now IF there were ‘real’ jobs, it might be possible to rebuild Allentown (housing and commercial). But those jobs aren’t there. Allentown is left with inadequate housing, that is being filled with lower socio-economic people, and immigrants. It’s a deadly spiral.

The ‘new’ generation has no idea what to do. They fall back to government and ‘community’. Where the meat and potatoes Beth Steel once stood is now a cinnamon bun of an Arts center and a Casio – neither of which have any useful output. Where the Patio dinner Hess’s once stood will now be a candybar of an Hockey Arena – which has no useful output either. So the main course is now snack food, and I understand why you don’t like it.

In the software industry, what has been done with the Beth Steel is called “putting lipstick on the pig”. In Hess’s case we call it ‘polishing the turd’. Your government and city council are going to vote for every zany idea that comes down the pike. They’re about erecting a fa├žade, that will make everything appear better.

My advice is don’t fight it. All that once was is gone, and the current generation doesn’t see the value in preserving what they don’t understand.

This is happening all over the country, you’re lucky to have avoided it this long.

PS. Looking as Ms. Mota's photo - I don't think you have a chance.

Anonymous said...

doug's downer assessment strikes me as right on. City Council and the mayor (and a puff-piece-a-day newspaper)think an arena open a night or two each week with a handful of part-time workers is a rebirth of Allentown. The residents they want to attract are 'takers' not 'makers.' So what do they do? They con a supposedly conservative state senator to rob tax money from suburban townships to send to the corrupt Allentown government. What a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Molovinsky, I hope Ms Mota learned her lesson well. Never ever vote against 'Our Supreme Leader'.This group-think is so easy to predict. Max