Mar 29, 2012

Speculating on the Public's Dime

The approval of ACIDA to hand over $135 million more to J.B. Reilly, in addition to the previous $20 million pocket money provided, demonstrates a complete lack of over-site and public accountability. Although this sort of looseness is common on the state and federal level, it's unprecedented on the local level; Welcome to the new Allentown.
"I applaud J.B. Reilly for taking the lead and taking the risk," Mayor Pawlowski deadpanned.
Just last year we thought the police and fire pensions were the yoke around taxpayer necks; They are nothing compared to this Transformation. In decades past, it was felt that too much money was directed toward Hamilton Street, at the expense of other sections of Allentown. This project insures that we will be able to afford nothing else but Hamilton Street, for the next fifty years.

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Anonymous said...

A big thanks to the mayor and his ilk for destroying our retirement investments.
Our homes are all many of us have.
That value has been thoroughly trampled by criminals posing as public servants.