Mar 26, 2012

Baseball Memoirs Reprint

Bob Lamson saved the newspaper clipping all these years. On Oct. 31, 1975, The Morning Call reported that $200,000 had been raised to built the stadium. Times were different then, there were no KOZ's or cardboard checks from professional politicians. Bob is now 77, he played for the Patriots, and knocked on doors for two years to help build Bicentennial Park. Much of the construction was done by Vo-Tech instructors and students, who donated countless hours of their time. Contributors included the community leaders of their era; Van Schiver, Alvin Butz, and former Mayor Hock. The stadium opened in 1976 to host the National Fast Pitch Softball Tournament. Where will the plaque of contributors to Bicentennial end up thirtyfour years later; at a scrap dealer? Does Lanta really need the space, or does Allentown need the money? Would people again contribute their sweat equity, to build a field of dreams, only to see it torn down by a politician's fast pitch?

Reprinted from June, 2009. Bicentennial survived the threat.


Anonymous said...

Bet you a nickel that WAS gonna be your only comment today, Mr. Molovinsky.

No one gives a damn about Bicentennial Park.

Too much free stuff to latch onto whether you want to hear it or not ...


Anonymous said...

I want to hear it!
Just what is 11:32 writing about?
Is he proud of flushing us all down the crapper?