Mar 22, 2012

Baggage Wars

When I grew up, Allentown produced Mack Trucks, General Electric appliances, and Black and Decker Tools, and that was within a block of my house. Four railroad spur lines fed a hundred factories. In addition to heavy industry, we were known for textiles. We now aspire to make money off of other people's loss, literally. The pawn shop owner snickers and laughs, and asks the poor son of a bitch if he wants to donate his treasure. We watch the leeches bid on abandoned storage spaces, hoping some other person left his grandmother's jewelry there, in a box. We don't even aspire to produce anything anymore, just profit from someone else's misfortune. We have become a society of lottery ticket buyers.


Anonymous said...

Why should I have aspirations and / or work hard?

Obama will take care of me if I take care of him.

It's only fair.

AuH20 said...

I wish I could read your entire blog...but I have to run to put a down payment on someone's forclosed house. Sad, huh?

Anonymous said...


President Obama is working on an October surprise "forgiveness" program for people whose houses are underwater ...

... banks are evil, greedy and, worst of all, predatory.

God Bless community organizers from Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Where has all the heavy industry gone ? We all know, to asia, we have simply traded employment for cleaner skies. Is it worth it ?

So now we have inexpensive asian products, and our major companies keeping there profits off shore, instead of investing them back here at home.