Feb 29, 2012

Allentown Arena's Magic Show

Although demolition of the former shopping district is yet to be completed, or the first brick laid for the new arena, cracks are appearing in Mayor Pawlowski's taxpayer funded attempt to magically transform Allentown. Yesterday, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Joseph ElChaar, felt compelled to write a rah rah letter to The Morning Call. Surrounding municipalities have been alienated by the pilfering of their EIT taxes. Pat Browne, long time State Representative and Senator, soiled his reputation as details have emerged about the taxing district, and his connection to the various principals involved. Even the merchant victims of the scheme made the national news, with misinformed allegations that they were overpaid with taxpayer money. The revelation that tobacco taxes will be used to fund Allentown's grab, surely will have repercussions in Harrisburg. Once the monstrosity is completed and running, the real pain will begin. With home hockey games only occupying 40 nights a year, success is dependent upon concerts and other entertainment venues. The existing market for entertainment is competitive, to say the least. Last year, one rain storm put the new SteelStacks financially behind the eight ball. If SteelStacks, The State Theater, Symphony Hall, Zoellner, Stabler and others were not enough, enter the Sands Casino Entertainment venue. Starting in May, the Sands will bring one star after another, to their money making machine. With the adjoining Casino, their theater need not concern itself with making a profit, but only attracting people and their wallets to the complex. Pawlowski's taxpayer funded hall of scandal will languish, as insufficient parking and traffic congestion make for an unpleasant evening. Although speeches and letters will attest to how wonderful and successful it is, eventually, the rabbit will fall out the bottom of the hat.


Bill said...

Thanks for keeping an eye on the Magician. They are known for making rabbits disappear with slight of hand tricks.

Bernie O'Hare said...

MM, You have been on top of this from the beginning, and have been the ONLY voice for minority and other small businesses on Hamilton Street. They have been brushed aside for the transformation, which will largely consist of nonminority merchants poached from other areas of the LV.


doug_b said...

A friend told me about your blog. I left Allentown in 1972 - when I was 22. From the current state of affairs, I'm sure glad I did!

I've lived in Minneapoils for the last 30 years. Everything that is happening in A-town has happened all over this country.

The liberals will not stop. They will find money from every grant, user fee, downtown entertainment tax, snack food tax, liquor tax, etc, etc. Your property taxes will keep magically increasing for the darnedest reasons.

They will manage to get around the requirements for referendums.

Minneapolis has several failed city funded downtown projects: Block-E (currently empty), The Conservatory (downtown vertical mall that lasted 5 yrs before being torn down), City Center (taken over by gang-bangers - now empty) and Gavaidae Commons (Lord and Taylor abandon - left Mpls with a $30M mortgage).

I'm sorry to say but you're going to get it: Forced development with nothing but franchised food and mall retialier), bike lanes, $20,000 water fountains, green bikes, $5M bike bridges, traffic calming (making 4 lanes into 2 lanes with a center turn lane - and bike lanes), rotary's, just to name a few.

Another similarity is that we have the Minneapolis Star Tribune (AKA "The Red Star"). This is a news paper that supports every spending issue and tax. It is sickening - they NEVER express a logical thought.

Anonymous said...

That was truly disturbing.
And certainly an accurate foreshadowing of things to come.
All of my working, tax paying friends are trying to vacate this ship as quickly as possible.

ironpigpen said...

have ISRAEL v UKRAINE on the satellite at work ...

... international friendly match in the rain from the new Ha Moshava Stadium in Petah Tikvah ...

... I have posted the link.


ironpigpen said...

Israel 2 - Ukraine 3

The Ukrainians are, in fact, tough, as evidenced by their 3-3 draw in Kiev earlier this fall with always-strong Germany.

Full marks to Israel. They could just as easily schedule and beat up on the Sisters of the Blind and pile up a bunch of meaningless, feel-good victories --- as the United States traditionally likes to do!

But they don't. Israel always intentionally seek out the strongest competiton possible. They seem to know playing against better teams (and taking the lumps) is the only way to get better.

Israel showed great character and heart (again). Fell behind 2-0 at the half but pulled one back right after the break. Went down 3-1 and, again, fought back. Who is to say what would have happened had rock-solid defensive midfielder BIRAM KAYAL of Glasgow Celtic been able to play?

Israel are getting better all the time ... just look at the number of players in the European pro leagues now and compare that to ten or twenty years ago.

Anonymous said...

I am totally sick at heart over what they have down in the name of progress, and revitalization to my Center City. All of the beautiful old buildings that could have utilized properly years ago. Clean up the City first. Then look to building something that respects our Heritage and Culture, that we are loosing Nationwide.
Keep up the good work Michael, maybe with all of our help we may be able to stop some of this!

michael molovinsky said...

@2:28, actually, in two weeks i will need help to convince the county commissioners to spare the historic, stone arch reading road bridge, down at union terrace. the bridge is in fine shape, but the county already allotted $1 million to replace it, and they can't comprehend using it as a trust for perpetual care. a showing of concerned citizens will help the cause that evening.

Rich, L said...

What ever became of Abe's court filling to Lehigh county court house on the Arena project ..Was that to magically dismissed as well.

Anonymous said...

Allentown - City Without (Spending) Limits! The only thing that is more red than the bleeding heart liberals ruining our cities is the sea of red ink this project will bring!!!