Feb 15, 2012

Circle of Taxpayer Distrust

Fegley's Brew Works is adding to it's brewing capacity. The El Vee blog reports that later today the pub will have a news conference, announcing the expansion. molovinsky on allentown will go out on the limb and say that the real announcement is that they have probably joined the NIZ circle of taxpayer distrust. Although they may not announce that today, or at all, I have every faith in Pawlowski the GrantMeister, to plug in his favorite receiver. When they built the brewpub they claimed to have reinforced the floor to support the equipment. I believe that the extra beams were necessary to support all the grants and incentives that would eventually be attached to the enterprise.


Anonymous said...

It sickens me that our tax money is being used to prop up businesses manufacturing and selling a drug.
No alcohol sales should be advertised, underwritten or in any way sanctioned by OUR representative government.

AuH20 said...

Interesting point above. The government and all those 'medical' folks with their hands out are quick to declare alchoholism a disease. And now our tax dollars continue to fund the disease....and of course the 'cure' too. Taxpayers get it going and coming.