Jan 31, 2012

Behind the Browne Story

As I shifted through Bernie O'Hare's revelations about Browne's wife being a lobbyist, and the new Morning Call story, a couple layers of this onion need dicing, from the molovinsky on allentown perspective. Once again, I'm struck how the Morning Call lifted a story from a blogger, without proper attribution. I believe, from my own experience, that this policy is dictated by their metro editor, not the reporters. If the reporters are not embarrassed, they should be. Although the blogger readership is a fraction of the papers, it is a who's who of the Lehigh Valley. The second layer pertains to my previous post about Browne's repeated statement; "I'm not sure why anyone is confused. The law is very clear." The newspaper story states that Vaughn Communication hired Pugliese Associates because of the complexities of the law. Vaughn works for the Arena Authority, Pugliese works for the private developers, and Browne's wife works for both companies. The NIZ appears to be a law, that on one hand is so clear that the public didn't deserve clarification, but on which select developers received guidance, so as to take full advantage.


Anonymous said...

So, it's NOT nepotism or cronyism?

Alfons Todd


John.Jay said...

Mr . Molovinsky . I want to propose something radical to you , Mr . Geeting , and Mr. O'Hare .

Would you consider a monthly dinner meeting where we discuss various issues concerning the future of the Lehigh Valley ? I , personally , am interested in what you have to say , and I think real time dialog will help to make everyone ' s position palatable . If we manage to get through the process without killing each other , maybe the talks could be opened to a wider audience in the near future ?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Molovinsky, This arena project was from the beginning a A.T.M for the inner circle of the Mayor.There is no way anybody can track the flow of money.Does it matter if the arena fails! The money can never be accounted for .The Tax-payers will pay and pay.Is this con a surprise to anybody

ironpigpen said...

Not anyone who has been paying even on iota of attention, I contend.

I do concede that the Palace of Sport is unstoppable.

Always bank on the Bulldozer.

Anonymous said...

Family Relationships
There is no provi sion in Pennsyl vania law which prohibits a person from holding elective office in a
govern ment unit where their spouse or other family member is already an elected officer or employee.
However, care must be taken in instances where there is a high poten tial for conflict of interest. For instance,
where a person as elected auditor, is respon sible for auditing the accounts of a family member who is township
secre tary or roadmaster, that auditor should not partic i pate in that portion of the audit.
Likewise, no law prohibits a local govern ment unit from hiring a family member of an elected officer as an
employee. However, the Ethics Act prohibits any public official from using the authority of their office for the
private pecuniary benefit of their immediate family.9 Elected officers thus may not propose, discuss or vote on
the hiring of a family member by the local govern ment unit they serve. The Ethics Act defines “immediate
family” to include a parent, spouse, child, brother or sister.

9. 65 P.S. 403(a); 1978 P.L. 883, No. 170 Sec tion 3(a).