Nov 1, 2011

Picture of Dedication

Lou Hershman in the past has served as Controller for a total of has 24 years. During his tenures, there were never any questions about where and how taxpayer money was spent. Who knows where to look, and what to look for, better than Lou Hershman. Lou's not a good public speaker, but as an accountant, he's great with numbers. It's hard to imagine a more dedicated man offering his services to the city. I think even if I was a straight Democrat lever puller, a real party man, I would vote for Hershman, just to keep the game honest. The controller makes no policy decisions, he only safeguards the budget. Of course, I suppose a town as prosperous as Allentown, need not concern itself with cash issues.


Anonymous said...

The lady running for controler seems very nice, is a Democrat and she told me she is a good friend of Lisa Pawlowski. That sews it up for me.

Allentown Democrat Voter

Anonymous said...

That sums it up for me also, good friend, seems nice, and cant spell controller. Perfect reasons to vote for someone else.

Anonymous said...

Checks and Balances?

Where the hell did YOU go to school and WHAT did they teach you, Comrade Molovinsky?

That is absolute crazy talk, as is the concept of Low Taxes and Limited Government according to the United States Constitution.

No wonder you are Censored by City Hall.

If I were in charge, you'd be breaking rocks in a Siberian Gulag ... I gotta have a little chat with Chairman Pawlowski at state-sponsored Brewworks sometime.


Anonymous said...

Lou is a little rough on the edges sometimes, but his qualifications speak for themselves, AND he is the only one who has stood up to Mr Lisa Palowski. Choice is obvious.

Anonymous said...

I also like nice people Allentown Demo Voter, unfortunately, nice does not equal qualified.

FutureDowntownArenaAttendee said...

Lou will lose by at least a 1k votes... easily.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Morning Call article about discrepancies found by external audit agency at golf course.

This is exactly the duty of the controller to insure proper financial controls were in place. This is a failure of Controller Hoffman and failure for Hizzoner.

This is what happens when the mayor's "nice" friends end up as public officials who are supposed to represent the taxpayer, but do not execute their jobs because they are loyal to one man.

Yeah, we need another pal of the mayor's in the controller's office like we need another 33 percent tax increase.

Vote for checks and balances, vote for a watchdog , not another lapdog!

Anonymous said...


Then Allentown will again lose as well.

Scott Armstrong

Patrick McHenry said...

MM -

Lou's opponent (Mary Ellen Koval) is a current city employee who was promoted by the Mayor. I also saw one of her early campaign finance reports that lists Lisa Pawlowski as a major donor and the only outside donor.

That the Mayor (through his wife) is once again buying the Controller's office is an outrage. That position calls for independence, something that Mary Ellen Koval does not have. If she understood the position, or had any ethics, she would remove herself from the race.

We've had tax hikes (EIT, EMS) on working families and multiple years of multi-million dollar deficits by the mayor and his crony council. Taxpayers need someone independent of the Mayor watching the city's finances.

Anonymous said...

"nice does not equal qualified" ...

... perhaps not, but being Democrat immediately and automatically qualifies one as absolutely morally superior.

Let us analyze critically :

President Barack Hussein Obama, the smartest and greatest Chief Executive in the history of the United States, says Rethuglicans just want "dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health care" etc.

We have been Progressing Liberally so well, why give the keys to the car back to the Criminals who wrecked the country in the first place?

Anonymous said...

I say 4 more years of a lapdog for hizzoner, and with it higher taxes , no transparency, no checks and balances.

Anonymous said...

The race is 200 votes, not 1k, unless the mayors great pal jimmy Spang and his cohort of great obama democrats work the smear campaign this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Let’s be frank, Mary Ellen Koval is running for controller because the mayor, Ed Pawlowski, wants her to. It is that simple. She is going to be the same sort of team player that the last two controllers Frank Concannon and Bill Hoffman have been. Frank never did a single audit as controller and Mr. Hoffman privately anguishes about his compromised principles to anyone who will listen. It is pathetic, it is Allentown. Expect more of the same when Ellen takes over. It will no doubt be another proud moment for city Democrats.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...


An Ordinance of the City of Allentown adopting the 2012 Water Rates – 5% increase.


An Ordinance of the City of Allentown adopting the 2012 Water Rates – 5% increase.

Who IS watching the hen house?

Patrick McHenry said...

Anon -

You forgot the $35 increase in the trash fee.

Anonymous said...

Vote for change on Tuesady......

Tell ur friends to get out and vote, or stop complaining, and get ur checkbooks ready

Anonymous said...

"Who is watching the Hen House?"

That is completely out of order, as well as totally irrelevant. Please stay focused.

Chairman Pawlowski and the Rubber Stamp City Council (all Democrats) have already effectively combated and defeated Racism with the super-duper, multi-generational playground at Cedar Beach.

And, soon, Allentown will have a fabulous Palace of Sport.

Utopia (and the Bulldozer) is (are) unstoppable!

Only Democrats have "awesomeness", just ask "local" blogger What-Am-I-Gettings-From-Big-Government.

But we must spend our way to prosperity, first.

Remember, we must elect Democrats FIRST (like Nancy Pelosi) in order to find out what "Goodies" (entitlements, hockey arenas) they have to bestow upon us.

C'mon, Anon 10:27, where is the soothing confidence and unshakable trust?

Anonymous said...

You are, as usual, spot on.
Thanks for straightening me up on that. I'm serious.
Haven't had a good laugh in a while.