Nov 21, 2011

Israel Bashing

As a life long reader of The Morning Call, over the decades I have seen many serial writers obsessing on their hatred of Israel. Before 1967, they had to question the legitimacy of Israel's creation in 1948. Since then, they now can claim that Israel is an repressive occupier. The current local mantle against Israel is carried by Vincent Stravino.
This retired physician is more articulate than his predecessors, but employs the same propaganda techniques. He always starts out mentioning that he has been there, but then laments if only they didn't participate in human right abuses, what a wonderful place it would be. He states his claim of abuse as a fact, always finding some study which confirms his contention. He always ends his letters mentioning his Jewish and Israeli friends who share his indignation.
On his next trip, the good doctor could visit an Israeli hospital, and see the Palestinian and Arab patients who benefit from the hope of Israel, but that's not his agenda.

The above letter letter was rejected by The Morning Call.

..... we're not going to be able to run this letter as written because it directly comments on Stravino....You can still challenge him by countering points he made in his letter....

I declined the invitation to bicker with Stravino issue by issue, other writers and myself have done that in the past. When I submitted the letter I was aware of the paper's long standing policy that replies must address the issues, not the writer. However, the point of my letter was that he has an agenda, and just plugs in different accusations. I do not believe that the doctor is in any way anti-Semitic, but has been indoctrinated from a point of view which fails to comprehend the entire situation in Israel.

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