Nov 28, 2011

Backup to the Future

It's the year 2018 and Mayor Guridy has just received the long anticipated study from A&P Associates. Advice from Afflerbach and Pawlowski doesn't come cheap, $475,000, but as City Council President Michael Schlossberg said, "Sometimes it pays to invest in the best." Some of the recommendations to revive Hamilton Street are nothing less than brilliant. Bus transfer stops are to be placed back on Hamilton Street between 7th and 9th, creating foot traffic and enhancing a sense of security. Meter rates will be reduced, once again accepting quarters and other coins. The old Allentown Brew Pub, closed since the KOZ ended in 015, will be torn down to create a convenient pocket parking lot. A national search has begun for a new arena director, and Mayor Guridy promises that the real estate tax increase, necessary to finance the arena, will be temporary.

adapted from a previous post


Anonymous said...

Michael, IF you are looking to the future on Allentown City Council, put your money on Frank Concannon as City Council President.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mayor Guridy will help reopen the city's Southside library. It's only been closed the past five years. Although nationwide studies prove libraries enrich communities, the city's current administration can't possibly be expected to find $100M to finance an arena and then be expected to find an additional annual operating budget of $130K. What are folks thinking?

Anonymous said...

FYI, the KOZ at the "Brew Pub" has been over for a year now.

Anonymous said...

MM -

Mayor Guridy and Council President Schlossberg?

You should have run this post over Halloween. It's that scary.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 1:11, a new KOZ was instituted for the buildings upper floors, and i expect that the "new authority" will approve that business using it's sale tax and earned income for it's debt service, a perk for the select few in the NIZ

ironpigpen said...

What a depressing post.

Hopefully, I can get hit by a car crossing the street and die before this materializes.

Anonymous said...

Occupy protestors protest reception to hockey arena debacle.
"I would like to know what materials, what supplies, what professional services, what construction jobs will go to citizens of Allentown," said Jeanette Eichenwald.
OBVIOUSLY only the mayor and a few of his lap dogs know what is going on.
And they are habitual liars.
Transparency.... I think not.