Oct 5, 2011

Newspaper Safari

People occasionally contact me when they're exasperated with the city, but a gentleman I spoke with yesterday was fuming at the newspaper. A column on the front page of the sports section glorified shooting a lioness on an African Safari. If that didn't offend this guy enough, the hunter planned to return to Africa, to shoot an elephant. The hunter's only concern was that killing deer in Pennsylvania just wouldn't do it for him any longer. He says that in Africa, if your check book is big enough, you can kill anything. Hope that doesn't include bloggers, but back to the upset newspaper reader. I think he can accept the misguided hunter, but he wonders what processed the columnist and his editor. I should mention that the paper included a photograph of the Great White Hunter and the dead lioness. Perhaps to the reporter, who covers both sports and outdoors, bagging a lion hunter is a bigger catch than the usual teenage boy shoots first deer story. Anyway, for us Babar fans, it was offensive.

I have purposely not linked to the article, nor will I host comments mentioning the hunter by name


lady Macbeth said...

What a woosy. The God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac gave man dominion over the animals. I'll bet you enjoy a good porterhouse once in a while, Molovinsky.

michael molovinsky said...

macbeth, i do enjoy a good steak. furthermore, my family was in the meat business. i have omitted both the link to the article and the hunter's name, because i realize that reaction to this story is relevant to the reader. although i eat meat, i would not travel around the world to shoot an exotic animal.

Anonymous said...

"The God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac gave man dominion over the animals."
This god made all the other animals to be slaughtered?
I doubt any one ate the lion meat.
even so, leave the armoured land rover behind, take your rambo knife and stalk your prey.... I'm all for it.
an even match.... sporting.
The PA deer will be much better adversaries using a small knife.
Oh, and don't forget to snort loudly when you see the huge buck that is coming into rut - right about.... now.

Anonymous said...

Can't bear to comment on the lioness being killed. Can't imagine being the kind of person to take a thrill by such an act but tonight Allentown city council is meeting and there's lots of important issues to be discussed. Also, learned the county is having important budget discussions tonight if anyone's interested.

Anonymous said...

For a paper that occasionally prints photographs of blood splattered sidewalks in downtown Allentown...anything goes. Recall the scene of a former Halloween Trick Treat night where downtown children literally had to walk near blood from a recent shooting.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 7:35, macbeth's comments are motivated by antagonism, not subject matter, but provided a venue for clarification. the article stated that the hunter used a pistol, and that the meat was eaten by "poor villagers".

lady Macbeth said...

Molovinsky: How do you know my motives? I sincerely believe Molovinsky is siding with those animals that one has to travel long distances to kill and he deems "exotic." The lowly steer we can slaughter. I am glad we do not decide which groups of humans are worthy and which are not.

Anonymous said...

A pistol from the safety of a vehicle.
Eaten by poor villagers? How bloody arrogant.
I spent a year bumping around Africa, and met not one poor villager needing help procuring game to eat.
Another exercise in machoism.

steelbreast said...

I for one appreciate saving the exotic animals. Once they are gone we all lose. I see no danger in losing cows, pics or chickens.

Anonymous said...

Trophy hunting occurs in 23 sub Saharan African countries, and generates at least $201MM/year from approx. 18,500 international hunting clients.

It creates an incentive for conservation and herd management, funnels revenue into areas that otherwise have nothing, and reduces poaching.

And before someone says "$200MM is nothing," to people who are barely subsisting, $200MM is alot of money.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 9:56, thanks for the interesting comment, and presenting a point of view and information which frankly, i had not considered.

Anonymous said...

Ah the bravado of The Great White hunter. Makes me think of Clark Gable.

Anyway, we are lousy stewards of what God gave us in general.

I have known individuals who do this kind of hunting and have these huge trophies in their homes or businesses.

They are a different breed (sic).

Atty Karoly (in jail) is among their ranks.


Bernie O'Hare said...

"The God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac gave man dominion over the animals."

"Lady Macbeth" is obviously making a not-so-subtle reference to your Jewish ancestry. It's amazing to me how hateful some people can be, especially when they refuse to identify themselves and take responsibility.

ironpigpen said...

"Ah the bravado of the Great White Hunter."

Gee, it sure does seem as if EVERYONE thinks "White" men are responsible for everything bad that ever even thought about happening in the world nowadays.

And I mean everything and, yes, I definitely mean to say, ALL THE TIME.

So, perhaps we just just throw all White Men in jail and intentionally lose the key ... then all the worlds problems will be over once and for all!

When they come for YOU, Mr. Molovinsky, will you submit peacefully --- or are you gonna make a scene and shamefully require them to use force to properly effect your inevitable submission?

Anonymous said...

Gees ironpigpen, I was using the term more as a metaphor for classic third world economic exploitation and domination than an indictment against whitey.

Personally I think the White Man is the new minority and they are taking hits left and right.

If other groups were treated the way some white men are human rights and anti discrimination organizations would go ballistic.


michael molovinsky said...

my use of great white hunter reflects my age. i grew up with movies where the exotic animals were shoot by white hunters on safari. it was not meant to be an introduction to a dialogue on race, and i will not host one.