Oct 1, 2011

Holmes vs. Panto

Sal Panto does pretty good in the local blogosphere. He's in Bernie O'Hare's Walk on Water Club. The ReNew Yuppies like him because of the his position on trains, planes, and buses. About the only blogger not impressed is me. I've seen him back things to a fault, like the parking deck behind the Wolfe School. Although his supporters keep saying that Easton is different than Allentown, I know that the Lanta Terminal and the Al Bundy Museum of High School Jocks are canned mediocrity. Apparently, Larry Holmes is also less than impressed with Panto's plans. The Morning Call reported that Holmes will move his nightclub rather than pay more taxes for the Improvement District . Reinforcing my opinion of Panto, his best argument to Holmes is that his proposals, (Panto's) haven't passed yet. While other mayor's made light of themselves, Panto hurt his arm patting himself on his own back at the Mayor's dinner. Panto may well induce Holmes to stay put with one incentive or another, but it sure won't be because of enthusiasm for Panto's plans.

Holmes tutors Ray Mercer, 1992


Anonymous said...

For a Democrat I'd say Panto is doing the best he can with a once-beautiful but now rotting city. However, I'm with Larry on this one. Individuals and busineses pay pretty high taxes and fees in all of our cities, then they are expected to pay even more so out-of-town yuppies (yes, like ReNew LV) can have foo-foo restaurants to dine in. It seems to me that if the downtowns need added sanitation or police services then the entire city should pay. After all, we are constantly told that strong cities benefit the entire community, even those who don't go there. I saw ol Larry today sing with his band at the Garlic Festival. He seems to be a genuine guy who loves his city and is committed to live there, even though he can move anyplace he'd like. Enough already with the fancy flags on poles. Sweep and police the streets and you'll see a vibrant Easton....and Allentown for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Long before special programs, Larry came home and established businesses. He is probably a little annoyed just as allentown merchants who are long-established, yet who receive no special treatment while newer businessed (ABW) recieve huge tax abatements as encouragement.

It's about fairness.


Anonymous said...

Impressed by Holmes's decision to leave the new improvement zone.

Not only is he stating his position he is doing something about it.

Panto's response sounds far too familiar, eerily so to the same BS which emanates from Ed's mouth.

Platitudes, platitudes, platitudes.

When will these guys realize the stone has no more blood left in it.

More and more tax increases will only lead to people leaving the cities?

Anonymous said...

they're not tax increases...they are 'user fees' in the 'entertainment district' in thise 'zone' or that. Oy vey!