Oct 17, 2011

Bring Back Falko

Slow learning seems more apparent at the Administration office on Penn Street, than in any particular Allentown School. If I had to choose one blunder of Gerald Zahorchak's scramble of the Allentown School District, removing Keith Falko from Allen High would be it. Everybody agreed; teachers, students and parents, that Falko ran that ship as tight as it could be run. Zahorchak, always chasing grants and the newest concepts, shifted four principals, decimating discipline in the district. Falko was to end up at the 4th & Allen Over-Achiever Academy, which was wisely never instituted. His talent is now squandered down on Penn Street. The grant that Zahorchak chased, never paid off as large as anticipated anyway. Despite statistics being generated by a Director of Unnecessary Information, facts on the ground indicate that commotion is rampant at Allen.* Rumor is that although the new principal and his four assistants are nice guys, they don't command anywhere near the respect that Falko did. Hopefully, acting Superintendent Russ Mayo can see a winning play when it's staring him in the face.

*Steve Esack, The Morning Call, Parent Says Behavior At Allen High Out of Control, October 14, 2011


binzley said...

I am sorry Tribune but to say Allen High School is out of control based on the story "Parent Says Behavior At Allen High Out of Control," is irresponnsible at best and libelous at worst.

To malign the current principal, Mr. Rodriquez. a local boy scout leader and experienced educator and administrator, and his staff, without any strong evidence or personal knowledge is inappropriate. Is this not the kind of journalism that you complain about with the local morning rag?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Molovinsky,
Your today's post is critically important and from what we're hearing from board meeting reports, frightening for parents and their children.
But for one moment, we thought of you yesterday and your wonderful vintage black and white photos as
the Allentown Art Museum reopened after a year of extensive renovations.
It was the 1980s all over again. Folks crowding the sidewalks and galleries as free guided tours in addition to free general admission invited everyone inside. The museum now greets guests at its original front doorway and huge windows welcome sunshine. You would have loved it, as once again, it was the old Allentown of yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Once again personnel decisions in the district are being lobbied by outsiders.

michael molovinsky said...

my recommendation is based on ancedotal information from both teachers and neighbors of allen. recently, teachers had complained to the school board about deteriorating discipline issues at allen. it's an observation, which i find not to be irresponsible, maligning or inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

The people that are products of a failed public school system are the last to know or admit it!

Anonymous said...

Many public schools have become tools of the liberal propaganda machine and it is no accident! How else can we become what we are, but to learn what we are taught? In a way, the schools have succeeded and America has lost! We are 37th in math and science and China is beating us badly! We can no longer compete in anything. We are spoiled and have become a bit too comfortable in our lifestyles and government handouts and solutions to our problems. Also, the lack of moral values is apparent everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Failure is the direct result of not being allowed to----fail.

binzley said...

Try being the principal of a large urban high school. It is one of the most challenging jobs around.

To call for the removal of a principal based on anecdotal information and the complaints of some of his employees is, as I said, irresponsible.

It is this politicizing of schools that contributes to the dearth of educators wanting to step up to be school administrators. As a person familiar with hiring of school administrators I can tell you that fewer and fewer educators are opting for those jobs. In the eighties we had many applicants from which to choose. Now there is a handful at best.

These folks work hard, educate our children and need our support. A school principal is a lonely and difficult job. Most folks would quit this job after a day. I wonder how long you, MM, would last as a school principal?

gary ledebur

michael molovinsky said...

gary, this post is not a criticism of the current principal at allen, who i don't even mention by name. it is my understanding that he did an excellent job at his previous middle school post. this post states that zahorchak, chasing some grant, compromised the best use of certain personnel, and suggests that the current superintendent should reassign his human assets.

Anonymous said...

An Allentown residents is almost single-handedly trying to expose wrongs within the school district administration. She's soon to publish a book highlighting her hard work.

Anonymous said...

Jim Monitz did the same thing at Dieruff.

That's a book I'd read.

Anonymous said...

binzley is right. You all do not know what it is like. Who in their right mind would want to do this job. Those that do deserve our thanks and support not condemnation.

Most people out there are looking for a Hollywoodesque solution where a tall dark and mysterious stranger comes to town.

He just happens to have a principals certificate, is hired, and immediately begins to dispense Lousiville Slugger Therapy/Justice to the malcontents and all problems are gone in a week.

You got to look at the material you are dealing with and the environments from which it comes. This is not a condemnation or a judgement it is reality.

You have to realize many don't want the help we all heartily think they need. We are forcing them to do something they just want no part of. Not all young people want an education let alone ever think of going to college.

It is a multifaceted issue and forcing people do something they do not want to is increasingly going to lead to bad outcomes. Let them go and find out what the world is on their own.

Some will come back with a change of mind. Others will end up where they would anyway. Compulsory educations is passe.

All too often it turns the public school system into a glorified babysitting service. We need to save what is left of it for the students who want to learn.

As far as the complaining parent, she needs to tell her kids to toughen up and find alternative constructive ways to deal with the issues as well.

Do you really think the school system does not represent something that isn't already going on in the world in general?

The solution doesn't come out of continual blame. The world has changed, it is different. Get used to it. Find a way.

Resident of Allentown said...

I would never send my child to an ASD school. I tell people I'm from Allentown and the unsolicited stories pour out of how their family fled the district because of mistreatment and unfairness. Other stories come from Allentown teachers who tell me they get "flipped off" regularly with students walking out of class whenever they feel like it. If there was one good idea, Holywood style, it is that the students who do not wish to learn should be sepperated or expelled.

Anonymous said...

"It is a multifaceted issue and forcing people do something they do not want to is increasingly going to lead to bad outcomes. Let them go and find out what the world is on their own."
We must understand that most students are not mature enough to make their own decisions. Parents must do this but we now live in the 21st century where many parents have not been taught to make good decisions for their children. We are also 37th in math and science and no longer able to compete with our competitors in places like China. This is the result of no discipline in the schools and political correctness where liberal indoctrination has occurred for the last 40 years. We have gotten what we have voted for. Our lack of moral values have played a big part in what we must now face. If we don't come to grips with our problems and unite as a people, we are doomed to failure just like early Rome did. The stark reality is that we deserve what we are going to face. Less faith in government (people) and more faith in God is the only answer but our selfish pride will not allow us to admit it as long as we have things good. When we are forced to suffer, we will change for the better. That time is coming!

Anonymous said...

And the idiot responsible for this mess is honored for his "outstanding professional accomplishments and given the lifelong title of Alumni Fellow, the highest award given by the Penn State Alumni Association." I definitely won't be renewing my PSU Alumni membership.