Aug 4, 2011

N. 6th Street

Allentown has just designated the neighborhood west of the Jordan to 7th Street, and between Linden and Tilghman Streets, as Jordan Heights. The area encompasses the Old Fairgrounds Historic District. Allentown's old fairground, in the years between 1852-1888, was in the vicinity of 6th and Liberty. It was an open space, as is the current fairground at 17th and Chew Streets. When my grandparents moved to 301 Jordan Street, it was a modern house, just built in 1895. The suburbs then were between Jordan and 7th. The Jewish Community Center was built on the corner of 6th and Chew, today known as Alliance Hall.
I wish the Jordan Heights initiative well. There's a lot of history in those 24 square blocks, and hopefully much future.

excerpted from a July, 2010 post
photo N 6th St., 1949


gary ledebur said...

Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of your life. You must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you. Tell them TODAY!

steelbreast said...

As I have said before I live near 6th and Chew and have for a very long time. The founders of the JCC would indeed be proud that its longtime home is now still serving the needs of the community. Instead of mostly Jewish children, now it serves blacks, Muslims, Puerto Ricans and many others.

Great post Molovinsky. Thanks for keeping these important memories alive for us old geezers.

Anonymous said...

enough of the this nice trip down memory lane---let's get back to some old fashioned bureaucrat bashing.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 11:00, fear not, tomorrow I plan to question some of our most politically correct institutions.

Anonymous said...

I think Cedar Crest, Muhlenberg, the hospital, churches, synagogues and the JCC should pay property taxes. I know some make payments in lieu of taxes but it is not enough. All use our police and fire departments and benefit from the city. I pay taxes, my golf club pays taxes and so does my tennis club.

Anonymous said...

Liberal Institutions of Higher Learning pay "their fair share"?

Ha ha.

But April Fool's was months ago.

And, this contemporary climate of Continual Crisis that seems to have dominated the Obama Years certainly sees to it that such attempts at comedy are, in fact, surplus to requirements --- if not outright counterproductive to Progress.


Anonymous said...

"I think Cedar Crest, Muhlenberg, the hospital, churches, synagogues and the JCC should pay property taxes."

If they did, the costs of these institutions would rise to compensate for the taxes they pay. It's like tax deductions from public workers being used to pay more money back to the public workers and their unions but going through the government tax office and Obama's DNC first! Taxing a place of worship is un-American and probably unconstitutional!

Anonymous said...

The cost of these Institutions of Higher Learning will continue to escalate at a rapid pace no matter what ...

... where does all the money go?


Tpowder said...

Thanks for the photo, Mike!
I grew up on 6th Street between Allen and Liberty. It was a great neighborhood to live in. There were 3 corner grocery stores within a block, two on 6th Street and one on Pratt Street.
That photo looks like the West side of the street, directly across from where I lived. It brings back good memories.

Dave Emme said...

Maybe not quite the old days for some here. Some where about 1975-1976 we moved to 313 1/2(I think) Jordon Street where Jordon Creek was a world away but still woken by bands in the summer time as they would practice all the time-right at Central Catholic High School. Cannot remember how old I was when we moved there-maybe three or four yrs old. Am trying to remember it all. Thanks for your blog-definetly helps when trying to remember the good 'ole days.