Jul 25, 2011

19th Street Pride

The merchants of the 19th Street area, aka West End Theater District, have refurbished the WW2 Monument on the corner of 19th and Allen Streets. The tarnished brass plates shown here have been removed, professionally polished, and reinstalled. The background has been painted a dark battle ship gray, providing more contrast to the bottom dedication plaque. New landscaping had been completed earlier in the summer. How this monument came to be placed on private property was still a mystery last month. While West Park houses several war memorials, other scattered site memorials also exist. My West End is a blog dedicated to news and plans for that neighborhood.
photo from My West End blog


gary ledebur said...

Having walked by this monument hundreds of times I always found it meaningful. Thanks for the post. Cudos to the merchants for refurbishing it!

Who says MM only posts negative items?

Anonymous said...

Great work by the merchants! Thanks Mike for letting us know, I'm going to make a point of stopping to see it next time over there.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Looks like the City is trying to create a residential overlay zone in the area roughly bounded by 16th, 19th, Allen and Green Streets. The area is currently zoned for Business uses. Maybe more high density housing will help direct businesses to 19th Street. Maybe the influx of more low income residents into the mid west end is part of bigger plan in Allentown? This neighborhood near all the schools, would be highly sought after by center city residents. I'm sure the ASD school board will weigh in, not!

FutureDowntownArenaAttendee said...

Nice story. I like reading about stuff like this. Did you catch the story yesterday about the $150,000 trout creek park makeover project?


dirtyape said...

Thanks for the post. Nice work!