Jun 23, 2011


Guest Post from Mike Schware
The other day I was driving through my neighborhood and came across a small section of roadway that was being resurfaced. Near the barricade was a half-sheet of plywood, painted blue, with the following message painted on it:
Allentown Alive
Public Works Project
Ed Pawlowski, Mayor
I had seen these signs a few years ago during Ed’s first term, but thought they had long-since been retired. Apparently not. They certainly conjured up the same feelings within me that they did a few years ago, when I viewed them as the cheesy invention of a small-minded politician.
It takes a lot of nerve to claim credit for even the most basic city services, such as road resurfacing. These projects – funded with our tax dollars – go on no matter who is in office. Maybe Mayor Ed would like to put his name across city police cars and fire trucks as well. I don’t think he’s gotten around to that - yet.
Ed certainly has no problem with self-promotion. His name has been added at city entryways. His photo is emblazoned across countless city publications and the city website. We even get a self-serving video message from the Mayor before the feature
film when we attend Movies in the Parks with our families. Of course all this is also funded with our tax dollars, but adds nothing to the service received. We also somehow even hear of the Mayor’s “private” works of charity, such as his current trip to Haiti.
I then thought of the plaque that sat on President Reagan’s desk that said “There is no limit what a man can do or where he can go as long as he doesn’t mind who gets the credit”. What a contrast between a great President and our Mayor. Maybe the Mayor’s never-ending need for recognition and publicity is part of the reason that so little has actually improved in our city.
If the Mayor feels the need to post a sign on public works projects, might I suggest that he replaces his name with the following:

Thank You Allentown Taxpayers

I know that might be asking a lot, but I can always dream.

Mike Schware


Anonymous said...

One might ask why anyone would want their name to be associated with Allentown government. Is it a sign of a delusion ego? Is there a rational reason for Ed to be proud of his tenure as mayor? One might ask the same question of city Democrats in general; are they proud of what their team has done to the city and would like the words “Allentown Democratic Voters” placed just below Ed’s name.

Scott Armstrong

gary ledebur said...

Governors and mayors quite often put their name on projects and signs. I do think putting one's name on police and fire trucks goes a little too far. When I worked in Philly we discussed putting the mayor's name on the free condoms we distributed. The mayor nixed this great idea.

Anonymous said...


What' cha gonna do?

Vote Rethuglican?

They just want old people to die and children to eat dog food...

Ask any self-respecting Party apparatchik and / or useful idiot.


Anonymous said...

The mayor is an embarrassment. Truly a legend in his own small mind.

Now in the MCALL he pledges his support for the gay community. Excuse me the population is increasing at a rate of 50%?

What that is based on 400 or so households since 2000? Damn in ten years most of that can be attributed to more people coming out than moving in.

Don't these goons get it?. They act like the are back in the early 90's. That is what is so sad. They take themselves seriously.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 1:29, i'm not sure the intent of your comment. i join pawlowski in welcoming and encouraging the gay community. i would like people in old allentown to think more about the consequences of the arena. although bringing success and upscale change to hamilton street isn't going to happen, the streets will clog with traffic when the arena exits. 8th street will take the burden, between linden and washington, as cars work their way to 7th st. and rt. 22.

Anonymous said...

The intent is simply the administration will grasp at any thing to support their vision of what they demand Allentown should be.

A new demographic observation, from the current census, is released and it becomes front page news. In this case the gay demographic.

While the change in the percentage of gay households may be impressive, the absolute number is not. Random variation vs. a sustainable trend.

I see it as exploitation of yet another subgroup of the population.

Gentrification is not going to occur. These are old concepts from a different time and place in our history.

The administration once again hungers for pie in the sky

michael molovinsky said...

the person quoted in the gay article is an administration cheerleader, who might well be appointed to the upcoming vacancy on city council. for allentown's size, the gay population is not large at all. i know some gays that have moved out of old allentown. although they wanted to live in a "gayborhood", there was way too much crime and litter for their taste.

Patrick McHenry said...

MM -

Perhaps it is easier for Pawlowski to talk about an increase in the gay population, instead of all the families that have fled the city.

I would prefer a Mayor who simply works to make the city a great place to live for ALL residents, instead of dividing people into demographic groups.

Anonymous said...

When is Pawlowski going to travel into outer space to invite the aliens to immigrate to Allentown.

After he gets back from Haiti with pastor Randy. (There is a story behind the whole Haiti thing too)

I understand The Good Mayor has set the custodial department of City Hall to task collecting tin foil from the trash.

He is building an antennae system in his office to communicate with his newest "diverse" group.

Have fun ED. Wait until you see their version of eminent domain, you will eat your heart out.