Jun 2, 2011

Pathways To Success

Imagine being an education major at a Pennsylvania State University; that's a bright future! I think that it would be best to stay on and get a Masters in Administration, or perhaps get out the old hockey stick. Yesterday, Allentown School District sent out pink slips to teachers. When all the budget dust settles, it is expected that 247 teaching positions will be eliminated. Although this program may be a Pathway to Success for Zahorchak, it certainly is not for either our teachers or students.


Anonymous said...

The governor cuts education by 50% and Dr. Z gets the blame for cutting the budget? Come on MM. Focus on the real opponent to ed, not the one who has to carry the water. Money for prisons but not for teachers.

gary ledebur said...

above post be me

michael molovinsky said...

gary, glad to host your comment, there certainly is some truth in it. i know that the budget required some layoffs. i know that layoffs can only legally occur by program change. the issue is if there was no budget reduction, my sense is that zahorchak would still be instituting pathways to success, and there would still be layoffs in the elective courses. at any rate, between the added administrators and his failures to communicate, i don't know what positives he has brought to this town.

Anonymous said...

more coffin nails in our city.

Patrick McHenry said...

Gary -

Let me get this straight. The prior governor increases school funding with one-time sources of income (i.e. federal stimulus dollars) and puts the state BILLIONS of dollars into debt. Now you want to blame the current governor for not continuing the one-time funding with money the state doesn't have?

That doesn't make sense. Nor does it make sense that school administrators could believe that the gravy train would go on forever.

One has to wonder why the state is involved at all. Increased state funding has bought politicians union votes but has pushed teacher salaries beyond the ability of local communities to pay.

While I hate to see anyone lose their jobs, the fact is that teacher salaries and the number of positions have become bloated over the last ten years. What Allentown is currently experiencing is a natural reaction to those facts.

I would also note that Allentown teachers had a chance to cut back their raises this year and voted against it. That helped seal the fate of those who received notices yesterday. Unfortunately, many of those who are leaving are the ones who should be staying, but the union has protected much of the dead weight.

Does the administration need to be cut back further? Absolutely.

Unfortunately the taxpayers will still be getting another tax hike this year (on top of the one last year). Until the current Board is willing to stand up to the Administration and say "enough", I have a feeling that trend will continue.

Perhaps it's time to consider changing the makeup of the School Board.

kelly said...

my property taxes have risen avg of $500 the last 4 years in bucks county...and every year they still cut more programs. it's mind boggling...

I'm one of those that believe that teachers should be paid well. they have a tough job. i am trusting my children to them. so i want qualified happy teachers to be with my kids 7 hours a day...

what i don't understand is why there are three buses coming through my development with another stopping at the corner picking up my neighbor on the right while my child takes a different one--all going to the same school! who is auditing the transportation dept? that is what i call a waste of tax $$!

who can i bring this attention to?

have to admit the more i read up on the government and the way they work...the less i am satisfied....

Anonymous said...

This is life in Ayatollah Pawlowski's Allentown, get used to it, doesn't get any better from here.

Drunk and disgusted in Allentown.

Anonymous said...

The least Chairman Pawlowski and the Rubber Stamp Politburo could do would be to invite the 247 Pink-slippers to sit with them in the Apparatchik Luxury Box at the Palace of Sport...

...after all, all those union dues (a nice portion of which WERE always passed on to the Democrat Party) paid out have to be good for something, don't they?

Or is the Multi-Generational Super-Duper Anti-Racism Playground at Cedar Beach all the Loyalists have to reap for their reward?

Damn right I just said this...

Go Bulldozers!


Anonymous said...
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gary ledebur said...

Let me correct the record on the "one time money." Governor Rendell tried up to the last minute to fund schools with state dollars. It was the legislature that used the stimulus money for the schools! Do not blame Rendell. Corbott obviously values big energy (which he won't tax), prisons (which gets a big budget increase) and getting re-elected by not raising taxes and pushing tax increases onto local property owners.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 5:17, ironpig and gary, voting democratic or republican, or for pawlowski or not, has no direct bearing on the teacher layoffs. although partisans may be able to assign political blame, this blog attempts to be non-partisan. although i do take zahorchak to task, it's not because of his political affiliation. our children don't deserve less teachers because of the way anyone voted.

Anonymous said...

So the years go on and on
But nothing's lost or won
What you learn is soon forgotten

They take the best years of your life
Try to tell you wrong from right
But you walk away with nothing

Teacher, teacher
Can I teach you
Can I tell you all you need to know

Teacher, teacher
Can I reach you
Or will you fall when I let you go?


Perhaps Mr. Molovinsky is correct. Perhaps elections have absolutely NO CONSEQUENCES whatsoever. After all, I am not a certified teacher...

Perhaps I should take up quietly riding bicycles in the Park and live happily ever after.

How much of a campaign contribution does THAT cost?

(sounds worth it)

Wise Man from the West End said...

What is further egregious is that Dr. Z did not even sign the letters himself?!?!?!? The letter also included a pamphlet on how to get counseling. I have two dear friends who received these letters. This speaks volumes about the man and how he really "cares" about people. This is how he treats teachers, don't be surprised next school year in how his pathways plan treats kids.

Anonymous said...

Dr Z has great ideas. Laying the ground work, paving the way for change and implementing that change are of course his short comings and may very well undermine his good intentions.

A classic political patronage scenario is being played out here as well.

All of the individuals with the right connections and the "for the moment" politically correct "best practices" are given lucrative contracts.

This is a classic plug and play approach to educational reform developed by bureaucrats.

If it doesn't work we can always blame the experts.

I wonder if the ASD board hired this guy, at this substantial salary, because of his reputation or because they thought he could make a difference.

The jury is out on whether he can make a difference or not. He may very well not be here when that question is answered.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes.

"Good Intentions"

Give me a f---ing break, already.