Apr 30, 2011

Prince William's Great Grandmother

Long before Prince William walked down the aisle yesterday in Westminister Abbey, his great grandmother, Princess Alice (Princess Andrew of Greece), walked there during the wedding of her son Phillip, to Princess Elizabeth. Princess(Alice) Andrew, later at the Coronation of Elizabeth, wore the habit of a nun. An extraordinary woman, she had founded a nurses order composed of nuns in Greece. She modeled the order after one started by her aunt and mentor in Russia, whom she had visited many years earlier. Born Princess Alice of Battenberg, she married Prince Andrew of Greece in 1903, assuming her new title.
During the Second World War, she hid a Jewish widow and her children in Athens, saving their lives. In accordance to her wish, she is buried in Jerusalem, next to her cherished aunt Duchess Fyodorovna, in the Russian Orthodox Church of Maria Magdalene.


gary ledebur said...

most interesting---I did not know this. During all my studies of Karl Marx, this never was mentioned!

michael molovinsky said...

most of the "royalty" in europe is related by intermarriage. princess alice was born in england, but had an aunt in russia whom she visited as a young woman. this aunt made an enormous impression on her, and is responsible for her spirituality. she would eventually give away all her material possessions.