Apr 4, 2011

Day of the Fight

In the late 1920's, Newark was home to a large Jewish population and hundreds of Jewish fighters. One night a week, Laurel Garden would host either boxing, wrestling or roller skating, in addition to performances by popular bands. One night in 1929, an eighteen year old volunteered from the audience to fill in for a missing boxer. The kid won by knockout, and so began the career of Tony Galante, who would fight 29 times at Laurel. Among the notables who fought there over the years were James Braddock and Max Schmeling. The photo above is a still from the documentary, Day of the Fight, made in 1951. It was the first film attempt by a young director named Stanley Kubrick. Laurel Garden was demolished in 1953.


gary ledebur said...

That shot by Kubrick reveals his genius. MM, your photographs indicate some genius as well.

Anonymous said...

Boxing was such a big part of popular culture back then. Thanks for sharing some of the history.