Mar 29, 2011

Goons and Gangs

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Anonymous said...

MM -

I notice that Bernie seems to have switched his sign in procedures to mirror those of Poliblog. They don't seem to allow for anonymous comment.

That's unfortunate, since many of us prefer to comment anonymously. That's my preference since I think it allows for more focus on the issue at hand instead of personal attacks. I no longer visit Poliblog because of their sign-in policy.

Perhaps Bernie (like Chris) doesn't want legitimate (but anonymous) alternative viewpoints on his blog. That's a shame, and if it doesn't change back I'll have no reason to visit Ramblings either.

michael molovinsky said...

anon 6:47, with few exceptions, i'm one of them, bernie likes comments. i assume you can sign in with any name, such as" Mr. Focus". he may be trying to increase identity of viewpoint, but not requiring real names, per se.

gary ledebur said...

For what it is worth I think not owning up to your words by using your correct name is cowardly.

Anonymous said...

Gary -

I appreciate your viewpoint, but the "Professional Left" has dedicated itself to personally attacking anyone that dares to question their policies. Perhaps you've read "Rules for Radicals".

Many of us view blogs as venues to discuss and debate ideas, and I don't believe that personal identification is necessary to accomplish that.

Some of us might have jobs that give us inside insight to the issues being discussed, and the use of a name might very well threaten our employment. Others might have family or children that they don't want to expose to the possibility of retribution for stating their opinions.

And perhaps the best reason for commenting anonymously is that it spares you from being targeted by those who have real mental issues and who view disagreement on an issue as a reason for a personal vendetta.

gary ledebur said...

Anon: 8:42

Very good points but in all too many cases some posters say things online, mean-spirited posts, ad hominem attacks, they would never say face-to-face. Those are the cowards.

Local said...

Wow.What is with all the venom?
Some really angry people on here.
They need to articulate their view point.
Disagree with any or all of us, but unqualified, open threats won't get the point across.
It merely serves to diminish your credibility.
Attaching your name to any post canlead to harassment and or retribution.
Keep up the great blog.

Eckville Pressure said...
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michael molovinsky said...

mr. villa, if you get only a fraction of the views you claim on your blog, why do you persist in putting unwanted links on other people's blogs?

Anonymous said...

Mike so easy to brand all who disagree with you as "Villa" w/ no proof.

RS said...
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