Mar 24, 2011

Dead Jews and the New Media

Molovinsky on Allentown often wanders out of town, to the Middle East. To get there I regularly read The Jerusalem Post and Al Jazeera, among other outlets. As I mentioned before, Al Jazeera uses some Jewish journalists to give credibility to their Arab news bias. Here in America, it's worse; The Huffington Post uses Jewish journalists to ignore or distort Israel. For Jews, and others who care about Israel, this is an incredibly important problem, as the internet becomes the predominant source of news. The massacre of the Fogel family last week never made Huffington's front page. A new blog, Huff-Watch, has started to document Arianna Huffington's attitude about the Jewish State.


Capri said...

MM, I can appreciate that you and I, both jews, have very different feelings on Israel, but I feel like there is a perspective missing from this post:

I wonder what mainstream american news media site we could visit to read about the deaths of Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli military, or due to an inability to receive medical attention on the wrong side of a road block?

There are atrocities on both sides of this dispute, and in the US, we only ever hear about the ones perpetuated by Palestinians.

michael molovinsky said...

capri, i disagree with the premise and points of your comment, but am glad to host it.

Anonymous said...

MM, you've identified a very real problem, one that's larger than the Israeli issue - there is no journalistic objectivity anymore, it simply does not exist.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Molovinsky,

I completely challenge the blatant propaganda points and premise put forth here by your esteemed visitor, Ms. Capri.

"I wonder what mainstream news media site we could visit to read about the deaths of Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli military..."

Surely, the lady is willfully and maliciously deceitful or, otherwise, completely unaware how / unable to access ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN.

Of course, that would be the tip of the iceberg. EVERYONE knows WHO (and what agenda) controls and has controlled for quite some time the "Mainstream Media" in the United States.

What I really want to know is --- WHO THE HELL DOES SHE THINK SHE IS KIDDING???

Certainly not this gentile German...



michael molovinsky said...

well, there are those who believe that the bus station bombing yesterday in jerusalem is provoked by israel. or that the mortars and rockets fired at israel are just an excuse by israel to attack gaza. or that the good fence policy with lebanon (access to israeli hospitals) is just for publicity. last month the first israeli baby, ever, was born in a palestinian hospital on the west bank. thousands of palestinians and have been born and treated in israel.

Chris Casey said...

When I was giving free content to the Huff Po concerning the Dent Callahan race, they weren't all that interested in pieces that were not overtly pro Callahan. They wanted pieces and video of Dent doing things they could mock him for. I stopped participating as the race slipped awat to Dent.
I lost a lot of respect for what they were doing. The Huff po media bias is no better than the Faux news slants

Anonymous said...

The Left Wing, Progressive Liberal Democrat media bias extends well beyond the Huffington Post, as Chris Casey is very, very well aware.

CC would not dare discuss National Public Radio...and how much taxpayer money is gets to shill for The Agenda.

Much safer (and more predictable) to slam "Faux News".

The dig has nothing to do with Dead Jews, but no one ever accused Progressive Liberal Democrats of actually being able to "focus like a laser beam" (like Obama says he can) on any issue, let alone job creation...