Mar 10, 2011

Allentown Archeology

When it comes to the history of industrial Allentown, the railroad buffs are among the current experts. Our heavy manufacturing base moved it's materials on the tracks of several railroads. The Front Street area was crisscrossed with tracks and sidings. The West End Branch ran along Sumner Avenue, crossed Tilghman Street, looped around 17th Street and ended near 12th and Liberty. The Barber Quarry Branch ran along the Little Lehigh until it then followed Cedar Creek. It crossed Hamilton Street near the current Hamilton Family Restaurant and ended at what is now the Park Department Building. The rail buffs are current day archeologists, looking for remnants of those glory days. Shown above is a portion of the Barber Quarry pier and track. This is at the bottom of Lehigh Street hill, near the former bank call center, near the former Acorn Hotel, in a former city still called Allentown.
photo courtesy of Mike Huber, Coplay
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gary ledebur said...

Great posting re the rail history of Allentown. I fondly remember noting the railroad remnants as in the 70s and 80s when I was a runner and explored much of Allentown. Sadly, I no longer run. Thanks for the memories and great pic.

This post reminds me of a story told to me by one of my St. George Street neighbors, an elderly man, probably in his 80s, a guy who ran every morning, rain or shine, at 6 am. He recalled a mayor of Allentown, I think it was Mayor Hunsicker who wanted to pave more and more of the city streets. He laughed when he told me that his neighbors objected because the concrete would damage the hooves of the horses still used by many of the older well-off west enders.

Anonymous said...

RULE 1a :

Must hate and demonize rich at every opportunity.