Feb 14, 2011

Trying the Judge

Angle & O'Hare LLC* have been trying Judge Baratta since last Wednesday's decision affirming the validity of the petition. O'Hare's propaganda machine, Lehigh Valley Ramblings, has been burning the midnight oil with one shot after another. According to O'Hare, during the hearing Baratta wisecracked, snarked and barbed. He has called the judge intemperate and his reasoning intellectually dishonest. O'Hare's motives puzzle me. Is he trying to pressure the judge in the court of public opinion? The second decision, concerning the ballot question's legality in regard to the Home Rule Charter, is expected Tuesday. Meanwhile O'Hare discards truth for effectiveness. For instance, he claims he received a picture of Hermann Goering. He omits the fact that the sender is unrelated to the Gracedale controversy, and that O'Hare did a search and published liens filed against the man.

* Angle and O'Hare LLC is a phrase coined by Ron Angle


Anonymous said...

my hope is the question gets to a referendum and the people get to vote on this issue .gracedale is far to valuable an asset.

gary ledebur said...

aaaaah...."a picture of Hermann Goering." The plot is getting very very interesting. Keep us informed.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie has been having a long running feud with a gentleman named henry. bernie used his legal/search ability to discover and publish some liens filed against this man, who in turn send him a picture of Goering. Bernie now mentions the picture in regard to the gracedale "mob" knowing full well that the picture is totally unrelated to the gracedale controversy.

ps. bernie, if you feel that i have portrayed this inaccurately , feel free to comment.

Anonymous said...

i have lost all respect for bernie o hare ... the only thing he seems to be good at is berating others , he shows complete disrespect to judges or anyone else who's opioin differs from his .

michael molovinsky said...

anon 8:53, i wince at "losing all respect", even though bernie used those exact words in regard to me. bernie is very effective as a wordsmith, and i feel compelled to operate a "bernie watch", until which time this gracedale controversy runs it's course.

Bernie O'Hare said...

:ps. bernie, if you feel that i have portrayed this inaccurately , feel free to comment."

You have, but there's nothing new there. You also inaccurately stated that I post anonymously or using other names, which I don't. You've been proven dead wrong on that point at least once. You launch a series of personal attacks like that whenever someone refuses to accept your views, even when it';s about a County you never even visit.

The stalker in question is Henry C Schaadt, aka River. Schaadt has been going at me for years before Gracedale, but has been emboldened by the criticism of the Gracedale Goons, and has chosen to attack me personally over that as well.

In response to one of his many vicious attacks, I published two recent liens filed against him and asked him to explain them. That's when he started sending me pictures of dead guys, and he has sent a few since.

I think that qualifies Henry for membership in the Gracedale Goons.

Instead of being concerned about a stalker who sends emails of dead people to his prey, MM has set up an O'Hare Watch to keep an eye on me.

I stand by every word I've written. You can move on to the next personal attack.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, the fact that i didn't attend the gracedale hearings is irrelevant. neither did almost all the people who signed the petition, and hopefully will have a chance to vote on the issue.

the post is about your propaganda war against the current ruling(s) by baratta.

i feel it was inappropriate to publish lien items against someone you dislike. (he was laid off and is struggling financially)

Anonymous said...

two wrongs don't make a right.... sometimes you have to take the high road ... try it bernie ,you just might like it ..

Anonymous said...

Digging up & publicizing court liens = personal attack and deflection.

gary ledebur said...

I happen to know for a fact MM has visited Northampton County at least once since summer of 2010. Get the facts straight!

Anonymous said...


Well done then, Mr. O'Hare.

Follow my agenda and you will succeed - a lesson for the rest of you.


Anonymous said...

Typical LV politics. Try to destroy the opposing parties reputation. May work but character is what will prevail.

Politics in the LV is hateful. BO is becoming a good example of it. Not much different than his old nemesis, the one who cannot be named.