Feb 27, 2011

Open Mike

Long time readers of this blog know that previously my Open Mike sessions were illustrated by a radio microphone. This lone blog publishes no political press releases, bashes no political opponents, and promotes no politician's agenda. Nothing is off topic today.


Anonymous said...

Monster result Sunday from Ligat ha'Al :

FC Hapoel Tel Aviv 4 - FC Maccabi Haifa 1

The Reds overtake the Greens and will most likely, with just six rounds left in the season and all the tough teams now out of the way, achieve their aim of defending the championship and getting back into the lucrative UEFA Champions League next season.

Anonymous said...

Massive game in Hungary today (Tuesday) :

The legendary and never-ending Battle for Budapest bragging rights

via streamming satellite (free)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that! I haven't heard that music since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. It sure brought back memories.