Feb 2, 2011

The Face of Hypocrisy

When I used this photograph last week, Bernie accused me of causing people to insult him. He now informs readers that he has lost all respect for me. Actually, he said the same thing last week when he banned me from commenting on his blog. Often when he gets annoyed at a comment of mine, it's not the first one critical of him, but the only one signed by name. Bernie has now removed me from his blogroll. He claims I'm jealous because of all the meetings he attends. He's not just upset about being accused of commenting anonymously, but more so that I point out his hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty.


gary ledebur said...

I think you. Tribune, and Bernie should go out and have a beer or Yocco dog together. Leadership in the valley appears to low and it cannot afford to have two of the few tangling with each other.

Anonymous said...

It's intresting a disbarred lawyer trying to work again

michael molovinsky said...

anon 1:30, i have many issues with o'hare, but his disbarment isn't one of them.