Jan 5, 2011

The Weigh-In

                                            Madison Square Garden, March 27, 1942
When they met for the first time the previous March, Abe Simon battled Joe Louis for 13 rounds. The Detroit crowd went wild that the Jewish giant from New York could absorb Louis's punches. Louis had the power of Mike Tyson and the finesse of Muhammad Ali. When it was revealed that Simon had fought with a broken hand, the Madison Garden rematch became a big ticket. Louis knocked Simon out in the sixth round. It would be Simon's last fight.
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Anonymous said...

Powerful picture.

I imagine the two NYC policemen in the background had quite the story to tell grandchildren over the years.

Anonymous said...

Mike, the pictures you have are incredible. Did you ever think about doing a book?

Anonymous said...

Tape of the radio broadcast of the entire 13 round fight exists. It was an exciting fight.