Jan 3, 2011

Logjam at Doorway

In 2005, an official of the Allentown Police Union told me that he expected about 12 officers to retire under the new contract, then negotiated with the Afflerbach Administration. The Union had made some wages concessions, in exchange for the rule changes concerning retirement. We all know what happen, 80 policemen ran for the door, including that 40 year old Union official. Last week, Pawlowski announced another wage concession with the Police, in exchange for another rule change. The new change allows an officer to claim disability from day one of employment, including mental stress. The lesson, which should have been learned, is that it's better to give a raise with a known cost, rather than submit the City to enormous variables. When Pawlowski campaigned in 2005, he called the recent retirees a second police department, which the City needed to fund. Pawlowski signed this new deal unilaterally, bypassing City Council. Although Council President D'Amore huffed and puffed about being excluded in the procedure, as a staunch union advocate, he would not have objected to the content.
source article by Jarrett Renshaw
related post by Jeff Pooley
related column by Paul Carpenter


gary ledebur said...

Many municipalities and school districts have tried "gimmicks" to balance their budgets. Philadelphia started the "DROP" program that is now a major cost center; school districts have enhanced pension problems with "early and out:" and on and on. For a short term gain we have created long term liabilities. Good point about accepting fixed expenses for the city, MM.

Anonymous said...

when pawlowski ran for mayor,didnt he say that only nine to twelve will retire and council should accept the award at a savings to city of 400,000, as ou say in your blog, more retired, now he is blaming everyone,but himself. i bet the outcome would of been different if he didnt get invoved.

Anonymous said...


My hat is off to Paul Carpenter for his Sunday Column regarding Pawlowski’s pension deal. Allentown’s city hall needs more press scrutiny from the press. It is the valley’s mother lode of source material for investigative reporting.

Scott Armstrong

michael molovinsky said...

scott, carpenter beat me to the punch. i planned on posting about it ever since renshaw revealed the deal last thursday; hence, my new feature, "coming attraction"

Anonymous said...

Hooray for greedy, greedy, greedy Union leeches.

You know Unions, the "honorable" workers who protect us from the evil, evil, evil exploiting business owners, i.e., "the Rich".

Hooray for Democrats, the utterly corrupt losers who support these schmucks at all costs and gladly accept all the considerable campaign contributions in return.

Wait, I think I hear a child shrieking because the massive, bloated government won't pay for a before-school breakfast...

Ha Ha, Democrats.

You clowns earn my scorn and derision every single day.

Enjoy YOUR circus.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:55,

How dare you bad-mouth unions!

Just because YOU don't have an entire politically-connected and extremely powerful organization standing up for YOUR Constitutional rights to call in sick and go golfing whenever the situation warrants...

...still no reason to be such a blatant hater.


Anonymous said...

MM -

City Council is just as guilty as the Mayor.

While Pawlowski unilaterally increased benefits for the police, Council is busy ramming through a bill giving pension and health benefits to same-sex partners. Again, no actuarial study for that change.

It's funny that City Hall's solution to the skyrocketing costs of benefits for city employees is to give more benefits and broaden the scope of who can receive them. If that's not insanity, I don't know what is.

Of course, the lowly taxpayer is expected to pay for each bone-headed, pandering move our politicians make.