Jan 22, 2011

Former County Executive Favors Saving Gracedale

Jerry Seyfried, a former Northampton County Executive, favors the County retaining Gracedale, according to Bernie O'Hare.
I just got off the phone with Jerry Seyfried, who believes Gracedale should remain in County hands.
This revelation by Bernie, perhaps inadvertently, was made during the course of a back and forth comment exchange on his  blog(comment 49,1:36pm). Although Bernie states the numerous articles he has written on why to sell Gracedale are based on facts and research, he has never presented this informed, opposing opinion by Seyfried.


gary ledebur said...

The "Tribune of the People" appears to be the "champion of the aged and infirmed!"

Anonymous said...

Seyfried is one of many that see selling as a bad idea. O'Hare paints them all as goons and crazies including Barron. While he did himself no favors with his T-Mobile mistake he has been right on Gracedale all along and in good company. Ron Heckman (former council member and director of human services for bother Lehigh and Northampton County), Rich Grucela (former State Rep, father of the Home Rule Charter and former member of council), Ladd Siftar (former council memeber who may run again), John Schimmel (former controller), and Joe Brennan (former council member and Current State Rep).

O'Hare and Angle are on the wrong side of history here and it will cost Angle at the ballot box and it will cost O'Hare his credibility.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie o'hare claims facts and research, while in reality he's simply pumping the agenda of his friends and bashing their opposition. according to bernie, if you criticize someone you're calling them a liar or questioning their integrity. he on the other hand, can say what he wishes. ( i.e., pawlowski or callahan, goons, fake minister,etc.) he uses the same techniques over and over.

Bernie O'Hare said...

MM stopped by my blog yesterday to falsely accuse me of posting as someone else, a charge that was quickly disproved. Having egg on his face over that issue, MM wants me to recite a "save Gracedale" argument made by one of my friends, Jerry Seyfried.

I was not inclined to do that on a Saturday night, and especially to some asshole who had just insulted my integrity, I was also wondering whether I could do that argument justice bc of my own views on the topic, which are very different.

I pointed out last night that I have no disdain towards anyone who wants Gracedale to remain in County hands. I listed examples, and that included Jerry. But it is just as unfair for me to make their argument as it is for them to make mine.

There is another group for whom I do have a great deal of disdain, and that is a group willing to lie and to post vicious anonymous personal attacks against those who dare disagree with them. This is a group that disrupts meetings, curses in front of boyscouts, delights in the misfortune of others. This is a group that is headed by a fake preacher who insecurely starts every speech (and he makes lots of them) by announcing, "I am a Reverend."

I have posted numerous articles about Gracedale, including a history accumulated as a result of a day's research in the history room of Easton Library.

I have attacked Callahan's honesty, and it is becoming apparent to one and all that his administration has lied and misled everyone about the state of Bethlehem finances.

I have also attacked Pay-to-Play Pawlowski, whose antics extend from lies about campaign finance, to lies about a park, to lies about a permit for his mancave.

But MM apparently feels he is the only one entitled to criticize others.

michael molovinsky said...

bernie, although it's kind of you to protect the boy scouts from harsh words, i doubt that there were 23,000 of them in that room. the consequences of your campaign against the save gracedale group will be borne by stoffa and angle. your arguments are never as profound as you think, and you certainly are much more concerned about your integrity, than that of other people.

Anonymous said...


O'Hare has credibility to squander?

Anonymous said...

My starting point is this: if the government (any government) is running something it is not aw well run as by a private entity.

Local said...

There are plenty of private entities poorly run.
We also have "authorities" and no one even knows whether they are public or private.
When my taxes are used to pay government or private sector workers / services, I want transparency & oversight.

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with you on BOs tactics. Not in the spirit of openness and fairness to those that might disagree.

Soon government will have no other function than as a conduit for funds to pay for services. Everything will be privatized and for the most part deteriorate.

I agree with businesses right to make a profit but not at the expense of the individual who they purportedly serve. Whenever those who are served become "customers" they seemed to be exploited. Gracedale will be no different if sold.