Dec 13, 2010

A New Look

Two posts ago, commenter Monkey Momma found it ironic, that as a blogger, I was not a fan of silicon chips. When I made the statement, I actually had social media more in mind, not the internet per se. I'm aghast at all the drivers on cell phones. Who are they talking to, and what is so important? I'm aghast at people reading the newspaper on a small iphone, scrolling up from the bottom. Admittedly, I am a dinosaur with technology; So today, I give myself a new look. You will now find a cropped version of my high school picture with my comments.

graduation picture, Allen High, mid 1960's.


LVCI said...

That's some antique there in the picture.. By having what reads on the bottom, "Made In U.S.A" is almost like having a signature of Geo. Washington. Hang on to it. This may be valuable on the antiquities market.

gary ledebur said...

To the Tribune of the People: The next time you are nostalgic about high school try remembering algebra!

Anonymous said...

my goodness you were good looking. What happeed.

gary ledebur said...

I know a woman who still thinks the "Tribune" is good looking!

Anonymous said...

C'mon admit it, Yo.

You are just jealous that you are not a famous NFL quarterback.

So then, YOU can take a picture of your "junk"...

...and text it to some nobody Progressive Liberl Main Strem Media journalist babe.

So stop frontin'.

Peace out.

monkey momma said...

"Admittedly, I am a dinosaur with technology..."

No way. You don't give yourself enough credit, Mr. Molovinsky. Putting up a blog is not something technological dinosaurs can accomplish. I would say you deftly apply common sense and "old fashioned" principles to the current state of affairs in Allentown and beyond.

Technology is not the enemy, as your blog proves. The enemy is people who have lost their minds and souls. And the absence of technology wouldn't help our sad state of affairs. I was just as bad with newspapers when I was younger - flipping right for the horoscope and Dear Abby before anything else, and often ignoring everything else. (And now, I often find myself reading blogs before I read the "news." But truly, I can no longer tell the difference.)

I love the picture - that is one good looking guy! You can see in his eyes that one day he'll grow up to be a prominent writer in whatever medium suits his fancy.