Dec 15, 2010

Israel Bashing

Early yesterday morning, there was a story on The Huffington Post, headlined with the caption that Netanyahu says that he will never share Jerusalem. Under the headline and Netanyahu's picture, the story went on to say that the Prime Minister's office has distanced itself from Ehud Barak's statement that Jerusalem should be divided among Jewish and Arab neighborhoods. The story did not contain the quote shown in the headline, or any statement from Netanyahu. I checked other sources, which emphasized that there was no comment from Netanyahu himself, about Barak's statement. Recently, I had researched if other readers find the Huffington Post anti-Israel; Apparently, many share my perception. Many of the anti-Israel articles are written by Jewish writers; This ploy is even used by Al Jazeera. Back to yesterday; Like my cousin Popeye, I could take it no more. I went back to Huffington to copy the article's address for a post on the deception. Although less than an hour later, the article had vanished: Unfortunately, the attitude remains.

Photograph of the Sea of Galilee, with Tiberias in the background.


gary ledebur said...

Good work Tribune!

ironpigpen said...

Because, for so long, the shoe was always on the other foot, I post lots of photos to bridge language barriers / gaps.

I go through tons and tons and tons of photos from the major wire services to achieve my objectives almost every day.

I, for one, am well past sick and freakin' tired of all the anti-Israel banners Reuters and the Associated Press and all the other Progressive Liberal media photo outlets feel the need to share all the damn time.

Halfway through the European season, it is easy to see that writing about Israeli football clearly hurts my numbers, Mr. Molovinsky.

That is unfortunate --- for the audience.

Because, not only do they miss out on spectacular goals from players such as ERAN ZAHAVI, they are also consistently forced to find somewhere else to be entertained for free!

michael molovinsky said...

rolf, i'm not surprised; anti-semitism and anti-israel are first cousins. even as a jew, i measure my posts as not to alienate my little audience. my israel posts get much less notice and comment than those critical of the city. i also softpedal the jihadist threat, because that's another reality people don't want to acknowledge.

Capri said...

I'm an anti-israeli jew, but just a point to RO that one of the so called most liberal rags in the county, the New York Times, is decidedly pro-israel, anti-palestinian, and has been for decades. Bias can swing both ways, even in unexpected places.