Dec 26, 2010

Christmas in Crank-osphere

While normal people were roasting chestnuts and reveling in the warmth of their family, the bloggers were having a cage match. Seems as if LVCI was miffed for thirty seconds, at some girl who lived here for thirty minutes, and thought she knew more about the valley than he does. Being a Christian at Christmas, he deleted his harsh words almost immediately. In conversation we say that we're sorry, and apologize for what we said. In the blogosphere, the equivalent may well be the delete key. Anyway, quick deletion aside, never the less his words were captured, reprinted, and taken to task by Jon Geetings, on the Lehigh Valley Independent. Please go there now, read the post and comments, then return. If you took that little trip, you saw that Jon decided to drag me into the ring also.
Allentown sure has prospered under the wise stewardship of the old timers. What exactly is the LVCI game plan for Allentown anyway? What's the Mike Molovinsky plan? Protect the WPA heritage, but oh wait, can't raise any of the revenue you need to pay for it! Y'all can't even manage to come up with coherent complaints, let alone any ideas for how to move the region forward....I realize it would be asking too much of the crank-osphere...  

Now, considering that LVCI, Chris Casey and Bernie O'Hare all came to my defense, a wiser man would leave it alone, but what kind of third rate crank would that make me? I'm a first rate crank. I don't disagree with LVCI's frustration about the LV Renew type agenda. Gettings himself brags that they harvest outside idea's from the internet to move the valley forward. He forgets to mention that the studies and hired staff all cost the taxpayer money, even if it's from outside grants. I believe the goal of the train to NYC would cost about a million dollars a mile to build. Gettings also forget to mention that although he lives in NYC, he likes to dine here on weekends, and the train would be convenient. Anyway, back in the ring, O'Hare criticizes LVCI for anonymous slams. First of all, although LVCI does wear a mask, it's always the same man behind the mask; his name is unknown, but he has an identity. Now the question is, what would four old fat men look like in the ring, and what kind of costumes would we wear?


Bernie O'Hare said...

LVCI is an anonymous pussy who attacks girls. I do have a problem when any person hides behind a veil to attack someone. This is not his first such bullshit attack. And while he focuses on the fact that he was criticized at Christmas, that's exactly what he did. Anonymously. To a female blogger. Who's leaving.

So I'm glad he's quitting.

I thought he'd quit 5 or 6 times already. Didn't he disable comments on his blog bc you dared disagree with him? That was supposed to be forever, too.

I have no idea how long his post was up before he took it down. I have a 15-minute rule myself. That does not matter bc it goes to all the readers immediately. The time to think about this is BEFORE your publish.

I'm glad Geeting called LVCI out, but I don't know what it had to do with you. You were unfairly attacked, and your positions on Allentown were summed up inaccurately. But you are a miserable bastard so you're probably due for some kind of vicious attack. And I see it has already happened. At Christmas. By an anonymous blogger. Who is a pussy.

Monkey Momma said...

Costumes, huh? I would advise a "Nacho Libre" type costume, esp. for Bernie - that would fit his personality. MM should consider a "Hopalong Cassidy" costume - he's a good guy, right? LVCI might look best in a Phantom of the Opera mask and cape. Chris Casey should be the Invisible Man right now, until he gets back on the blogging bandwagon again.

I will remain the anonymous monkey, flinging poo occassionaly, but mostly eating bananas and happily climbing the walls of my cage.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. The monkey house is in a serious post-Christmas hangover state right now, so it is nice to have the kids run around playing with their new toys whie I enjoy a good old fashioned blog war. Thanks for the entertainment, guys!

Anonymous said...

BO - You need to grow up. Your feigned post-modern morality depreciates what you could be.

Wanting to be king of the bloggers and will take whatever tact suites the situation, to discredit what you perceive as competition.

It is getting boring.

Always anonymous!!!!!!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

"to discredit what you perceive as competition."

Hey moron, there is no competition in blogging. The more people read another LV blog, the more they read me. That's the way it works. So I am actually arguing against my self-interest when I say LVCI should hang it up already.

I have no problem w/ anonymity. But from a blogger and someone who takes pot shots at others, it's the mark of a coward.

Speaking of growing up, I was taught to take responsibility for what I write.

Anonymous said...

A blog smackdown - Excellent!

Molovinsky The Magnificent, the King of Local Tradition and Culture, would enter the ring in grand fashion to the accompanyment of royal music.

Wearing a lavish purple robe and carrying a giant majestic septor, the only Reality-based Blogger in the Lehigh Valley strikes fear into the hearts of his cowardly adversaries, who front courage for the crowd.

Shedding his great robe to reveal authentic Abe Simon boxing trunks, Molovinsky climbs to the top turn-buckle and, with a flying double forearm move...

...clotheslines both the infamous Fuzzy Bunny and the Carpetbagger Progressive Liberal Socialist/Marxist community-organizer to remain the undisputed Blog Champion of the Lehigh Valley.

Anonymous said...

According to the lengthy Hotel Bethlehem special Renew LV train meeting hosted last winter, your $1M figure is about on track. As for Gettings getting from the city to here in time for dinner, he can take the convenient and reasonably priced bus.

Wayne said...

That's what it's all about isn't it? Who's ox is being gored and what's in it for me?

Soak the rich and build me a train!

Anonymous said...

BO - Yawn!

Not impressed. Same old same old.

You really do miss the point, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Fat LV bloggers in a ring. Disturbing visual. Now I cannot get it out of my mind.