Oct 9, 2010

Parkway Sewage 5K

Since the sewage overflow in Lehigh Parkway, there has been four organized race/walk events, with more scheduled this weekend and coming week. Although lime was placed over the raw sewage, not one sign was posted warning the public about the condition. In addition to the organized events, children have played in the park and people have walked their dogs; Unfortunately, many have done so right in the proximity of the sewage fields. These area's should have been clearly posted as a potential health hazard, perhaps even encircled in crime scene tape.


Anonymous said...

Someone this week placed new cinders over the sewage stench-filled bridle path. The smell is still there as is feces and debris caught in the stream's weeds and grasses.
Also, for the record, more than one manhole following the flood was covered in lime.

Anonymous said...

So classic Allentown politics.

What is ethically right to do often does not mesh with that special someones agenda and then becomes immaterial.

This so often is the saga that plays out over and over again in Allentown. It is the same old same old.

These actions and the lack of attention paid to this issue are unconscionable, but that is they way the administration is playing this game.

The Morning Call is useless and Jarret Renshaw is so compromised in what he either chooses to report on or is unable to report on, he is loosing credibility and respect.

It seems the only incite that is of any value in Allentown comes out of the blogs. A little jaded but infinitely more realistic than the pablum fed to the public

Increasingly it seems the city is run by a bunch of psychopaths devoid of emotion and without any other design than to enhance their resumes and line their pockets one way or another.

michael molovinsky said...

in light of my previous post, this comment may seem odd to many. i consider renshaw an excellent reporter, and am grateful that he has the allentown beat. i believe he could report only on fluff, and still retain his job. the morning call management is content to have half it's staff write columns on how to clean windows with vinegar, so to have renshaw actually investigating city hall is something I don't take for granted.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the articles like the drunk who ALL MOST hit a patrol car.

In reconsideration, I would have to concur with your opinion of Renshaw, especially when one considers how low the bar is at the www.mcall.com

7:49 PM

Do I have to make my car and mortgage payment this month, or is the government going to give me a pass on this?