Oct 1, 2010

The Buck Stops Here

Opinion Page Letter, The Morning Call, Sept. 30
What action should Governor Rendell take in response to a recent revelation about inappropriate investigations? A wise man by the name of Truman said "The buck stops here." Although he only has a few months remaining in office, and it would only be a symbolic act, I think Governor Rendell should resign.

The resignation wouldn't be just for this one incident, but as an act of contrition for numerous failures to deliver the government he promised. It would be for a casino commission, who managed to award one of a few gambling licenses to a dubious character. It would be for making countless turnpike and bridge committee appointments, while allowing the roads to crumble. It would be for allowing PennDOT to concentrate on proposed toll booths, instead of snow removal. It would be for spending millions of dollars at photo opportunities, and now saying that we're broke.* It would be for worrying about how to tax the gas from the marcellus shale fracking, while ignoring the environmental consequences. It would be for pandering to those interests which made us a leading welfare state. It would for prisons becoming our only growth industry. It would be for loving to hear himself speak, while casting a deaf ear and blind eye to the declining reality of our State. It would be for allowing himself to be distracted as an influence peddler on the national scene, obviously more concerned with his future than ours.

Italicized sentences did not appear in newspaper rendition
*referring to WAM (walking around money) and large cardboard checks


  1. MM: You have no idea how difficult it is to run the fifth largest state government in the nation. I have worked for both Dick Thornburgh and Bob Casey and I believe Ed Rendell is as good as either. Pennsylvania has greatly expanded early childhood education, health care for poor children and made PA the only state of fifty that has improved education results in all areas, every year. I would bet that even Harry Truman would not be successful trying to get anything done with the bloated and self-serving legislature we have. I would bet Truman could not govern during a deep recession as well as our governor. Resignation---come one MM, are there any living governmental leaders you like?

  2. gary, i'm glad to host your defense of rendell, and thank you for the information on his accomplishments in regard to our school systems. my call for his resignation was somewhat of a literary device, to emphasize what i consider his shortcomings, especially allowing dozens and dozens of no show patronage jobs on various commissions. He like many politicians appoints people, then distances himself from their decisions.
    Is there anybody I like? I have paid my dues by being very informed on local issues , even running for office. There are many blogs which promote certain officials, this is not one of them.

  3. Weren't gambling funds intended to help seniors enjoy low cost hot, healthy meals at senior centers around the state? We repeatedly hear of seniors struggling as their centers worry about how to make ends meet and provide healthy lunches. Wish someone would do a Pa. documentary similar to "Waiting for Superman" to expose what really happens to the millions of gambling dollars intended for seniors.

  4. If Rendell DID resign, it would give him more time to appear, as he has done on numerous occasions, as a football analyst on cable...

    ...with that in mind, please retract this call for resignation!

  5. gambling money went to reduce property taxes. School district of Allentown residential property owners have gotten $1500.00 over the past 3 years.

  6. anon 4:16, those concerned about landlords may find it rewarding that only homeowners are eligible for the discount (homesteading act) on their school taxes, not investors. those further concerned about the suburbanites might also find it interesting that the discount in allentown is much greater than in the surrounding suburbs.

  7. Who are you kidding, Mr. Molovinsky?

    Nobody cares about suburbanites. In fact, everyone hates them. Suburbanites are evil, greedy and - gasp - rich.

    Pretty much everything they have was either stolen outright or ill-gotten gain in some other shape or form.

    Everyone already knows this, even if YOU don't have any idea how difficult it is to run the fifth largest state in the nation.

    In fact, Professor Pooley has a wonderful piece at his blog today justifying the idea of regional revenue sharing so that suburbs can subsidize 100 more police officers for Allentown.

    Because the City With No Limits is entitled, don't ya know.

    That and because of "white self-segregation and the wealthy".

    But Obama-style Social Justice can no longer be stopped, you do understand.

    So, anytime you wanna get with the (Welfare State) Program over there, I am sure the Community (Organizers) would be greatly appreciative.

    Thank you.



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